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hasegawa Hasegawa Shoten Silk Linen Ribbed Socks Women's [LE0473A] Low Crew Length

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Manufacturing starting from "thread"

Since its founding in 1966, Hasegawa Shoten is a textile manufacturer based in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, that has directly purchased silk and other natural fibers from around the world to create threads and fabrics that it has supplied to the world's top brands. Since 2007, we have introduced a knitting machine, a twisting machine, and a whole garment knitting machine that knits three-dimensionally without seams, and have been manufacturing with an integrated system using silk thread developed in-house.

Silk is the thinnest of all natural fibers and is made of protein containing amino acids. At Hasegawa Shoten, we use natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and Japanese paper, in addition to our own silk thread, to create a variety of items such as neck covers, arm covers, socks, and innerwear.

"What kind of item will this thread be useful for?" "What kind of thread is suitable for making this item?" , make people's lives comfortable and beautiful.

Socks with a striped design using two colors of silk linen thread.
It is knitted into a thick fabric and has a comfortable hold.

Navy / Blue
White/ Gray

There is also a rubber thread on the opening. Comfortable while holding

Strong elasticity.

Playful design with color scheme on uneven ribs

Low crew socks that mix the crispness of linen and the softness of silk.

It is an item that can be used regardless of the season, with the moisture wicking, moisturizing, and deodorizing properties unique to silk. It is thick and has just the right amount of warmth.

The material "CLOVER-Z" used for these socks is a thread developed by Hasegawa Shoten, which is a combination of tsumugiito and linen. It has both the elegant luster and softness of silk and the natural texture of linen.

The two-tone stripes that you can see when you put them on are fashionable with the thick uneven rib design.

Low crew length above the ankle

Comfortable fit.

You can use it all year round with linen and silk materials.

A mix of elastic threads provides a firm hold.

The color scheme is perfect for the casualness of linen, and the two-tone color that you can see when you wear it is casually fashionable.
The striped pattern looks mature and cute even when wearing long pants or skirts.

We also recommend pairing it with sandals in the summer.
It is a pair that you want to match with casual outfits.

Orange that shines in monotone and one-tone coordination

Match blue and gray with comfort sandals for masculine feet

Exquisite low crew length socks that don't look childish.
The materials of silk and linen create a high-quality adult atmosphere.

Realizing high quality and reasonable price by integrating the procurement of raw materials, processing, production and sales.
It is a discerning item that enriches your daily life.

It is a recommended item regardless of age. Not only for yourself, but also as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, white days, Respect for the Aged Day, 60th birthday celebrations, etc.


material 50% linen, 42% silk, 6% nylon
Polyurethane/Polyester 2%
size Women's one size 22-25cm
Color navy, blue, orange, white, gray

Precautions when purchasing

We make every effort to keep the stock in stock, but if the item is out of stock, it may take 2-3 weeks to ship. In addition, we may keep you waiting for about 2 months due to lack of production materials. If you have to wait, we will inform you of the delivery date again.

<Precautions for washing>
After using a neutral detergent, lightly press and dehydrate by hand for a short period of time.

・In order to maintain the texture, it is recommended to wash inside out.

Avoid using bleach or tumbler (drum type) drying.

・Since it may turn yellow due to ultraviolet rays such as sunlight, please adjust the shape after washing and dry it in the shade with the mouth rubber facing up.

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