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hasegawa Hasegawa Shoten Eco Silk Wrist Warmer Women's [GL0355] Gloves Hand Care Cold Protection Moisturizing

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Manufacturing starts with “thread”

Since its founding in 1966, Hasegawa Shoten is a textile manufacturer in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture that has directly purchased silk and other natural fibers from around the world, turned them into threads and fabrics, and supplied them to the world's top brands. Since 2007, we have introduced knitting machines, thread twisting machines, and WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines that create three-dimensional knitting without seams, and we have been manufacturing products using an integrated system using silk yarn developed in-house.

Silk has the thinnest fibers among all natural fibers, and is made of protein containing amino acids.It has excellent moisture absorption, deodorization, moisturizing properties, and UV protection, and is resistant to allergies. Hasegawa Shoten uses silk thread developed in-house as well as natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and washi paper to make a variety of items such as neck covers, arm covers, socks, and innerwear.

``What kind of item can this thread be used for?'' ``What kind of yarn is suitable for making this item?'' - Items woven using the techniques and experience that have been spun throughout our history since our founding. , making people's lives more comfortable and beautiful.

A simple wrist warmer made of eco-silk, available in a wide range of colors.

The top and bottom are left uncut, making it curly and cute.

A simple wrist warmer made of eco-silk.
The material is thick and can be used all year round. Silk's unique moisturizing and heat-retaining properties help protect you from the cold in winter, and its UV-cutting properties help prevent sunburn in other seasons.

The thread "GINGA" used in these gloves is an original silk thread from Hasegawa Shoten. It is made by retwisting the short fibers that are a byproduct of spinning silk. It is characterized by an uneven thickness and a rough, natural and rustic look.
Although it is not as smooth as silk, it has the same properties as silk.
This series is eco-friendly, affordable, and easy to incorporate silk into your daily life.

The unique NEP feel and color are stylish.
We offer a wide variety of colors, from basic colors to vivid colors.
You can hand-dye the generated color to your favorite color. (Scouring is required in advance. Please note that it may contain more "straw" than other colors.)

Can be used in all seasons.
For cooling measures and cooling. UV protection effect for sunburn protection

Alleviates the cold air that comes in through the gaps in the sleeves. Since it is thin, it won't get stiff even when layered under clothes, and it won't show through your outerwear.
You can easily use it in all seasons, such as when working, riding a bicycle, or for cooling the office.

You can freely adjust the appearance of the sleeves like with false sleeves, so you can use them as a slouchy look, or you can show them off from your top as a focal point.

A simple design that can be used by all ages. Not only for yourself, but also as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, White Day, Respect for the Aged Day, 60th birthday celebrations, etc.

In winter, layer gloves to stay warmer

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material 98% silk, 2% polyurethane
size Ladies free size
Color First Frost Shoe Rouge Doris Gray
Yam Cactus Ungrown Black Hurricane Billard Chestnut Berry Berry

Precautions before purchase and use

We make every effort to maintain stock, but if an item is out of stock, it may take 2 to 3 weeks to ship. Also, due to lack of production materials, you may be kept waiting for about two months. If we have to keep you waiting, we will notify you of the delivery date.

<Handling Precautions>
It may contain "black-brown straw," which is an agricultural product used to make cocoons.

Please be careful not to get it caught on accessories, etc.

Color fading or color transfer may occur due to water, sweat, or strong friction.

The edges are not sewn, so if you use the product with the rolled edges stretched out, lint and fraying will easily occur.

<Washing precautions>
You can wash it in a washing machine, but please be sure to use a small laundry net.

It may shrink slightly after washing.

Direct sunlight may cause discoloration, so after washing, please adjust the shape and dry in the shade.

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