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Watanabe Kobo Handmade Wristwatch Manual Winding Type Back Skeleton Men's Silver [NW-SHW027]

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Made to order Delivery in 3-4 weeks (depending on order status)

Mr. Masaaki Watanabe of Watanabe Koubou is a watchmaker who makes watches one by one by hand at his workshop in downtown Tokyo. We have worked on many watch works that are full of warmth and a tasteful expression unique to handmade.

Mr. Watanabe does everything by hand, from making watch parts such as cases, dials, and belts to assembling them.

You can feel the warmth and ingenuity unique to handmade products.

Attractive stylish silver movement and case

You can clearly see the fine movement of the movement.

A hand-wound wristwatch with a warm feel that allows you to see the movement ticking along with the ticking sound.

Hand-wound wristwatches are less accurate than quartz ones, but you can see and feel the accumulation of ingenuity in how the power of the mainspring drives the movement.

The case (watch body) is made of silver

crown side

Arabic numerals are engraved on the edge of the case.

Stainless steel back cover

This watch is covered with glass except for the dial, so it has a skeleton specification that allows you to enjoy the movement of the hand-wound movement.
The “nabe” and “Handwinding” plates are also casual accents.

In addition, this watch has a skeleton back cover! You can enjoy the movement even if you turn it inside out, so you can feel the commitment that is a little different from ordinary hand-wound watches.

Cowhide with good texture is used for the material of the belt.
Solid genuine leather belt (picture is black)

Thickness is about 4mm and outstanding presence

Buckles and other metal fittings are also unified in silver,
The simplicity makes it easy to match with your usual coordination.

Whole, front and back (click to enlarge)

It is much more durable than the leather straps of common wristwatches, and it also has a high quality.

I think there are very few mass-produced watches in the same price range that use leather belts with such quality and presence.

Dial not too big. Can be used by both men and women.

Wearing (woman, arm circumference about 14.5cm)

As it is a simple design, it is available regardless of ON/OFF. The stylish color will tighten your hands.

Not only for yourself, but also recommended as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, White Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, etc.

You can choose the color of the belt.

The belt is available in 8 colors: black, brown, camel, tanned, white, red, khaki, and navy.

Choose your favorite color belt and make it your one and only watch in the world.


Material/processing [Movement] Manual winding type, 17 stones (made in China, day difference 2 to 3 minutes) / 3 needles [Case] ​​Silver (back cover is stainless steel)
[Belt] Genuine leather (cowhide)
[Windshield] Glass
size [Case] ​​Diameter: Approx. 32 mm (Dial diameter: Approx. 24 mm) / Thickness: Approx. 13 mm
[Belt] Width: 18mm/Thickness: Approx. 4mm/Compatible arm circumference: Max. Approx. 19cm

Points to note when ordering

Most of our products are made-to-order, so it takes about 3 weeks to 1 month for delivery. Thank you for your understanding.

Christmas, Valentine's Day, and the gift season before White Day tend to take longer to produce. If you are thinking of giving it as a gift, please consider the delivery date before ordering.

It is not waterproof, so please be careful when working on rainy days or around water.

Because each item is handmade, the details may differ slightly from item to item. We would appreciate it if you could order it after understanding that it is one of the features and charms of handmade watches.

The warranty period is one year from the date of purchase. However, only internal failures are covered by the warranty, and external parts such as cases and belts are not covered by the warranty.

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