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[9 colors] Hand-dyed Meya Natural Dyed Loop-knit Tenjiku Organic Cotton Turtleneck T-shirt Long Sleeve Women's [OL-02]

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[Choose from 9 colors]
Tezomeya Natural Dyed Hanging Organic Turtle Long Sleeve Women's [OL-02]

▲“Fuji Nezu-iro”
▲ “Kihadairo”
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The long-awaited natural-dyed turtleneck long-sleeve shirt is now available from the hand-dyed shop! The popular organic T-shirt fabric is used as a turtleneck. The color is abundant with nine colors, too♪

The turtleneck part is designed to fit naturally without being folded back, and there is a button on the right side that allows you to loosen the neck.

Wearing example (front)
Wearing example (back)
neck enlargement
The model is 164cm tall, wears size 165 (ladies' L), and wears Tokiiro.
She wears a DEEP BLUE 10.75oz painter maxi skirt for bottoms. <<Click the image to enlarge>>

It's made to fit a little snugly, but the natural tightness around the neck and the cuffs on the cuffs make it a design that can be worn outdoors.

You can wear it by itself with a cut and sewn piece, or match it with a large undergarment. The length is around the waist, so it is recommended to incorporate it into a well-balanced outfit.

In order for you to use naturally dyed items for a long time, we have summarized the precautions for handling them here , so please check them.
For items that have faded or changed in color due to normal use, we will provide a free re-dyeing service. Please check here for details.
Item Number OL-02
Material/processing Body: 100% cotton, hand-dyed with natural dyes Dyes: Indian madder, Yashabushi, Gobaishi, Pomegranate, Indian indigo , Binrouji
size color Toki-iro, Nibi-iro, Fuji-nezu-iro, Oitake-iro, Ebizome-iro, Hanada-iro, Taniro 9 colors: Niiro, Haizakurairo, and Kihadairo There are 2 sizes: 155 (Women's M) and 165 (Women's L)

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