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Hand-dyed Meya Loop-knit Tenjiku Organic Cotton T-shirt Long Sleeve No Dyed Beige Men's/Women's [OL-KIN]

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Hand Dyed Meya Hand Dyed Color Plain Hanging Organic T-shirt Long Sleeve
“Generation” [OL-KIN]

“Tezomeya” is a dyeing workshop in Kyoto that pursues dyeing with natural dyes. You mainly produce items that are dyed one by one with natural dyes such as madder, pomegranate, yashabushi, gobaishi, and indigo. , Because the texture is so good, they also sell undyed organic T-shirts! !

From materials to detailed designs, patterns, and sewing, everything is original! The thread uses organic cotton "Fox fiber" that is very compatible with natural dyes. Then, using a rare "suspension knitting machine" that can weave softly without applying tension to the thread, we custom-made "suspension tenjiku", a fabric that has little settling even after long use.

The organic cotton material inherits the rustic texture of cotton as a plant, so the best texture is the undyed organic T-shirt!

Why don't you wrap yourself in the gentleness of organic cotton?

Wearing example (before)



Wearing example (after)

fabric up
The model is 170 cm tall and is wearing a size 175 cm.
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Even though it's simple, it's an unbleached T-shirt that is overflowing with the gentleness of the material! Organically grown cotton is used as the material, and no processing such as bleaching or degreasing is applied in the process of making yarn or fabric.

Since it is as close to the natural state as possible, the fabric has "cotton scum", which is a fragment of cotton leaves and stems mixed in like dark dots (see the close -up photo of the fabric ). It feels like vanilla beans in ice cream, and adds flavor to the soft texture of the material (of course, there is no problem with the quality of the T-shirt).

When you want to wear a white T-shirt, but you think it's too boring to wear a pure white one, you can enjoy coordinating with a natural feeling just by wearing an unbleached T-shirt. It's a shame you can't tell from the photo, but the soft fabric has excellent elasticity and is extremely comfortable to wear! I'm sure there are many people who will be addicted to wearing it once!

It goes well with standard bottoms such as denim and khaki pants, but the gentle and rough texture of organic cotton goes well with fluffy cotton skirts and linen bottoms, so you can enjoy natural and cute coordination. !

Enveloped in the power of nature... try wearing gentle organic cotton in a rough way! !

The "hanging organic T-shirt" of the hand-dyed shop is full of specialties!

Organic hanging organic t-shirt

"Hanging knitting machine" hanging from the wooden beam of the factory

Tubular torso, small sleeves, slightly tapered armpits

From the material of the T-shirt to the silhouette and the sewing process, it is the original of "Hand-dyed Me-ya"! Of course it's made in Japan.

The thread uses American organic cotton called "Fox Fiber". Fox fiber is not treated with degreasing or bleaching, and has a lot of "impurities" such as natural wax. It is characterized by being dyed deeply and darkly.

The fabric is made with a knitting machine called a "hanging knitting machine" that was used from the Meiji period to the 30s of the Showa era. The production speed of the hanging knitting machine is 1/30th of that of the machines currently in use, but since it is possible to knit without applying tension to the yarn, it is very soft and has little settling. You can make a unique dough called tenjiku.

The silhouette has slim sleeves, the shoulders are slightly dropped, and the sides are slightly narrowed, giving it a cute look! The body is knitted in a tubular shape with a hanging knitting machine, and there are no seams on the sides, so it won't lose its shape and can be used for a long time.

Size chart
T-shirt・Each part name

We recommend that you check the size of your T-shirt before ordering.
T-shirt・Each part name

Precautions before ordering
Since the price varies depending on the size, we will adjust the price after ordering for sizes over 170cm.
Most of our products are made-to-order, so it takes about two weeks to produce and ship (if we have to wait longer than that, we will let you know the delivery date). This product is well worth the wait, so please place your order after understanding and acknowledging it.
In order to use organic cotton T-shirts for a long time, we have summarized the precautions for handling them here , so please check them.
Item Number OL-KIN
Material/processing 100% organic cotton
size 155cm, 165cm, 170cm, 175cm, 185cm

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