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[70% OFF Sale] rolca on the notes Cotton Stretch Check Tight Skirt [RO-8263]

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[70% off sale]
rolca on the notes
Cotton Stretch Check Tight Skirt [RO-8263]

rolca on the notes is a natural brand that manufactures products based on the concept of "clothes that are loved and comfortable to wear regardless of the times".

Based on the concept of "returning to nature," the products are mainly made from natural materials, and the design focuses on natural materials such as organic cotton and high-quality linen. In addition, it is based on a design that adds a traditional feel to its simplicity, and the focus is on items that are not only comfortable to wear, but also have a sense of quality.

Many people think of Kurashiki as an old townscape such as the Bikan Historical Quarter, but Kurashiki also has a long history as a production area for textiles, and is recently famous as the birthplace of Japanese jeans. The textile industry, which is representative of school uniforms and uniforms, is thriving.
rolca clothes are born in a cute atelier built next to such a school uniform factory.

Clothes that are close to our lives are clothes that are carefully made while checking each one with our own eyes in the production area. We will deliver the first outfit that you want to keep wearing.


Introducing a tight skirt made of stretch fabric that is smooth and comfortable to wear and can be worn refreshingly even in hot weather.

It's a type that opens the front with a zipper, so it's easy to put on and take off. The front hem is designed with a slit, so it has a good footwork design.

The plaid pattern doesn't look too cool, and it's just the right amount of casual down. This item is recommended for those who aim for a feminine silhouette and cute coordination.


The height of the model is 153 cm (female size 7-9)
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It is definitely recommended to tuck in the top and wear it for a compact look! In the example of wearing, both are wearing shirts. It is also good to match with a short cut and sew for a rough look.

The unique silhouette of a tight skirt with a naturally tapered hem will make you feel a little prettier than usual.

It is a specification to fasten with a hook

front slit

pocket part

The front is hiyoku style. The base of the zipper does not come off.

Expanded hem and back side

fabric expansion

This tight skirt is designed to be put on and taken off by zipping the front down to the hem. Designed with hooks and narrow zippers for a neat look.

The base of the zipper does not come off.

The hem is well processed, and the footwork is beautiful. The pocket is large enough to fit the palm of your hand.

Notes on handling
We make every effort to keep the stock in stock, but due to the small number of products we produce, it may take up to a week to get back to you if there are multiple orders, or we may not be able to deliver due to the product being sold out. . Please feel free to contact us for stock status.
Item Number RO-8263
production area made in Japan
Material/processing 98% cotton, 2% polyurethane
size color 2 sizes of 36 (S-M) and 38 (M-L) 2 colors of navy and gingham

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