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small right Mokume Gane belt ring copper x brass 5mm width [SR-RG-11]

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[Made-to-order] About 1 month

Accessory artist Toshihiro Iso's brand "small right" is a miniaturization of familiar daily necessities and fashion accessories, such as belts, scissors, glasses, and shoes, using the secret gadget of a famous cat-shaped robot. We have accessories like this.

"If you look closely at the things you see in your daily life, you'll find them cute, cool, or with a wonderful design. Let's turn these things into accessories." was born.

The works of "small right" are handmade one by one. Delicate molding techniques and playfulness are included in the belt rings that combine multiple materials such as silver, copper, and brass, as well as the scissor earrings and eyeglass necklaces that can be moved just like the real thing.

Once you wear it, the perspective of looking at the things that are the motifs of the work will surely change from what you have seen up until now. I think.

Belt ring made from Japanese traditional technique "Mokume Gane".
I am fascinated by the difference in wood grain, which is not the same as one.

Metal that seems soft like cloth. The metal is folded over like a real belt.

The appearance of the wood grain changes depending on how it is twisted and carved.

Mirror finish of 925 silver on the inside

With just the right amount of luster, you can feel the pattern created by copper and brass when illuminated by light.

There is a brand stamp on the inside.

The inside has a mirror finish, so it's easy to pass through your fingers and comfortable to wear.

"Mokume Gane" type with beautiful wood grain has appeared in the popular belt ring series.

A three-dimensional effect is created by folding the metal so that the belt looks like it is passing through the buckle. Finally, attach the buckle and loop parts to complete.

The reason for the popularity of the belt ring is its realism and simplicity that fits your finger.

The material of the surface is copper and brass. You can enjoy aging like leather. Scratches and changes in color due to use will also bring out a texture with attachment.

It has a slightly smoky atmosphere and is a color that is easy to use regardless of age.
We also recommend using a pair of different sizes.

An antique atmosphere that fits well in women's hands * Wearing number 12 (women's hands)

A stylish design that can be used by both men and women.

Since it is a product that you can enjoy using, there is no need to maintain it, and you can use it for a long time without hesitation even for everyday use.

"Mokume Gane" was more complicated than usual. It is a beautiful metal that you will appreciate the more you look at it.
We will make each one after receiving your order.

As a pairing, it is also recommended to wear it with someone you care about.
Not only for yourself, but also as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, White Day, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, etc.

How Mokume Gane is made

“Mokume Gane” where you can enjoy the patterns created by layering two or more metals and using the different colors of the materials.
Crafting Mokume Gane requires skill, knowledge, and perseverance.

Multiple layers of different colored metals are heated and crimped. A bar of metal is carved and twisted to create a complex wood grain, then beaten and stretched repeatedly to create a flat metal.


Material/processing Surface: Mokume Gane (Copper/Brass)
Inner surface: 925 silver
size Ring width: about 5mm
Corresponding number 9 to 27
(If you want a size other than the above, please fill in the remarks column)

For those who are worried about the size, we will lend you a ring gauge free of charge.

For customers who are worried about just checking the size chart, we also offer a free ring gauge rental service.

After confirming the approximate size in the above size chart, please contact us by e-mail about 3 sizes you are interested in. We will send you a ring gauge of your desired size, so please check the size that fits your finger.

In addition, the size may be different in the morning and evening due to swelling of the finger. Even if it is troublesome, we recommend that you measure twice in the morning and evening. ------------

About return of ring gauge
When we send the ring gauge, we will enclose a stamp, so please affix the stamp and return it within one week.

About ring size correction after delivery

Regarding resizing of the ring after delivery, if you contact us within one month of purchase, we will do it free of charge.

Regarding repairs after one month of purchase, we will consult with you depending on the situation of the product. Repair may not be possible due to the plating process. note that.

The customer will be responsible for the shipping cost of returning or resending the product for size correction (return with prepayment or return with cash on delivery). Thank you for your understanding.

Precautions when purchasing

It will be produced after ordering, and it will take about a month to deliver. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as stock status or arrival time.

Production may be delayed due to the artist's circumstances (such as when a solo exhibition is held or when orders are concentrated). In that case, we will inform you of the delivery date again from our store.

Please note that additional repair costs may be required for damage or breakage due to negligence, or damage that cannot be considered under normal use.

The wood grain is created by hand one by one, so you cannot choose the pattern. Please enjoy it as a one-of-a-kind pattern only for you.

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