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500 yen OFF coupon for friend registration! LINE Official Account


aoneco Support project for protected cats through manufacturing - wallets, pass cases, key cases, pochettes


Waji, who was born in January 2016, is a professional manufacturing group that mainly handles leather products, based in an atelier that was renovated from a 100-year-old traditional house in Abeno Ward, Osaka. From veteran craftsmen to young designers, we consistently perform everything from design to manufacturing.

The new brand "aoneco" created by waji representative Hiroki Kanno is a protected cat project based on the concept of "all cats can sleep without any gaps." Mr. Sugano himself lives with rescued cats, and as a person who runs a manufacturing company, he wondered if he could do something for the cats.

Based on the theme of "sophisticated ageless design", we develop wallets, wallets, pass cases, key cases, pochettes, etc. that are not too cute and easy to use while using cats as a motif. Aoneco items come with a donation coupon equivalent to about 10% of the product price, allowing customers to select and support a rescue cat support facility.

Each one is carefully made by craftsmen, with pride as a manufacturing professional, an excessive love for cats, and a desire to continue continuous support through manufacturing.