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LUCKY COLOR Improve your luck with the color of your wallet!

Wallets come in a wide variety of colors and there is a lot of fun in choosing the color you like and the one that is easy to use, but do you ever find it difficult to decide because there are so many different types? In such a case, why not refer to Feng Shui?
In Feng Shui, it is believed that the color of your wallet, which is the place where you receive and manage your daily money, brings different fortunes. Each color has several meanings, but here we will pick up and explain the points that are said to improve your luck.

Green is the standard for money wallets.

Green has meanings such as rebirth and solidity. It is said that it improves health luck and talent, and ``improves health luck = allows you to work in good health every day, prevents expenses due to illness or injury.'' Overall, it is said to be a color that increases your luck to earn money at work. Masu. It is also said that the money you spend will come back to you.
This color is suitable for people who make steady efforts to succeed at work, or people who want to save money through daily efforts. This color is popular among people who don't want a brightly colored wallet, and it is popular among both men and women because it gives a natural and friendly impression and is easy to match with fashion.

Recommended green wallets

A casual and cute long wallet with a embossed polka dot pattern.

ZOO Italian leather dot pattern round zipper [Z-ZLW-077-GR]


A popular series with a simple and mature atmosphere.

"Parley Classic" Premium (no coin purse) [PC-07PM-GRN]


A cute long wallet for adults that helps support cats

aoneco long wallet [an001]


A multi-functional smart key case that can fit “almost everything”

SMART MOVE! Type2 Smart Key Case Green Old Temple [MC1009]


Gold, a symbol of wealth and success

In Feng Shui, it is said to be a symbol of money, wealth, and success, and is a color that is strongly associated with financial luck. It is said that the flow of money will change not only with an all-gold wallet, but also with metal fittings, accents, or simply adding a gold strap or accessory to the wallet. Recommended for people who want to make large transactions with their money, and for those who like luxury items.

Recommended gold wallets

A compact leather wallet that can store bills without folding them.

ANNAK Compact Round Zip Wallet Himeji Leather [AK22TA-B0005-GLD]


“Yellow” calls money

It has long been known as a color that makes it easy to save money, and it is popular as a color that makes it easy to save money. Ocher mixed with brown, which gives an image of stability and earth, is said to calm money, while pale colors such as lemon yellow and cream yellow are said to make money more active. A wallet with yellow inside can also be expected to have feng shui effects.

Recommended yellow wallet

Elk leather with a gentle touch and a wild taste

Leather Workshop PARLEY “ELK” Finnish Elk Bifold Wallet [FE-72]


A multi-functional smart key case that can fit “almost everything”

SMART MOVE! Smart key case Amber street corner [MP1003]


“Black” protects property

It is a color that has a strong power to protect your luck and wealth once you have it. This color is recommended for those who want to save the money they have, rather than wanting to make more money. It is also said to have the effect of preventing bad spirits and bad luck from approaching.
It has a calm and mature atmosphere that can be used for any occasion, so it is recommended for those who want to choose a good fortune wallet with an emphasis on ease of use.

Recommended black wallets

Rare and rare birch leather long wallet

ZOO Hippopotamus leather round zipper [Z-ZLW-103-BK]


Garcon type long wallet with a coin purse that opens easily

ANNAK Tochigi Leather Garcon Long Wallet [AK14TA-B0039-BLK]


“Brown” for stability

The color is reminiscent of nature, such as the rich earth, and has the meaning of peace of mind and solidity. You can also expect the effect of cultivating financial luck and preventing wasteful spending. The basic color brown is one of the standard colors for wallets, but there are also a wide variety of colors, and each type has a sense of stability.
Recommended for those who aim to improve their work and health, those who want to steadily save money, and those who want to obtain a stable income. Also, like black, it is popular with both men and women because it can be worn with any color.

Recommended brown wallet

Slim and compact bi-fold

TSUKIKUSA Compact bifold wallet [Aoi-coin]


Chic and cute long wallet with embossed block pattern

ZOO Italian leather block check round zipper [Z-ZLW-079-BR]


Other colors

Orange brings good luck

The image of the sun symbolizes warmth and abundance, and is said to attract a lot of money. It is also a sociable color and is said to have the effect of facilitating communication with people. It has a wide range of colors, from vivid orange to calm persimmon, and is recommended as an accent color for fashion.

“White” for a new start

White is the color that means purification in Feng Shui. It helps you get rid of evil spirits, go back to the first step, and start anew. A white wallet is recommended for people who want to reset their bad financial luck or start anew.

"Pink" brings you a good encounter

Pink has several meanings, and one of them, ``to raise'', is said to improve your luck by ``growing money = saving''. It is also said that it has the role of connecting relationships and has the power to attract people with good financial luck. A wide range of colors are popular, from flashy passion pink to calm pink beige.

“Blue” improves the flow of money

In Feng Shui, blue is considered a color that evokes the spirit of "water", and it is sometimes said that it is a color that should be avoided because money flows like water, but in recent years, this "flowing" effect has been added to the color blue. It is thought that it has the effect of "circulating in a positive direction" and leading to increased financial luck. Blue is a symbol of intelligence and calmness. Blue is also said to give a sense of calmness, making it a popular color in business settings.

“Purple” is noble and wards off evil spirits

Purple does not have a direct effect on money luck, but it can be expected to increase your luck at work, such as promotions, raises, and recognition at work, and improve your luck with money. Light purple or lavender colored wallets are popular because they are expected to have good Feng Shui effects and are easy to incorporate.

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