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[3 colors] ENA KUAM Handmade felt bag UROKO [20AKU013]

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"Ena Kuam" was born from the Chinese character "AMANEKU".

"Widely" means "widely", and the brand name contains the desire to make bags that can be handed to many people, the thoughts put into making bags, and the desire to widely convey hidden stories. increase.

I want to make fair trade but cute bags, contribute a little to the world, and support women's independence. Based on such a concept, we are creating original products with Nepalese women.

Please enjoy the items filled with the desire to be a bridge connecting customers and the world.

A mature and cute felt bag that will add color to your autumn and winter outfits.

The grass and other debris are carefully removed from the sheared sheep hair, mixed with soap and water, and kneaded repeatedly by hand to create a bag without the use of sewing techniques. .

It is characterized by a scale pattern that overlaps many layers. The uniqueness of hand-made products is that the patterns are different one by one.

The colorful colors are the accent color and add an accent to the autumn and winter outfits that tend to be dark.

You can choose from 3 colors.

Raspberry is a red-based color. A collection of colors reminiscent of raspberries, such as magenta and purple, is adorable.

Pepper has an overall calm and dark color. It has a mature look and is easy to match with clothes.

Forest is a natural color combination reminiscent of a forest, accented with yellow and pale yellow-green.

The colorful hue becomes the accent color,
Adds an accent to autumn and winter outfits that tend to be dark.

It has a lovely rounded shape.

It looks like autumn and winter, and it looks warm and warm.

It can be used both as a handbag and as a shoulder bag.

Just the right size for daily use.
You can choose the luggage you need according to your lifestyle.

A handle connected only with wool without using a sewing machine.
No broken or frayed threads.

I keep thickness that I did well.

Many colors of wool are mixed with subtle adjustments.
It's soft and the color changes.

The point that is glad that there is one inside pocket.
It is also made of felt.

It fits a folding umbrella and a long wallet, so it's perfect for everyday use and going out.

It is also appreciated as a gift present.

By increasing the time and number of times the wool is kneaded, it has a firm thickness and durability.

In addition, the natural fat of wool repels water, making it resistant to stains.

Not only for yourself, but also recommended as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, White Day, Mother's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, etc.

About individual differences of products

The Origin of Ena Kuam "Returning to the Earth"

Handmade bags born in women's brightness. I'd like to introduce a little bit of the obsession.

1. Sheep are made from pure sheep wool. It has a simple and gentle texture.
(*The color part is dyed.)

2. No sewing No sewing machine is used, so you don't have to worry about electricity. All the bags are connected with wool.
By integrating, the thread will not break or fray.

3. What is safety for safe sheared sheep? There are many different methods of shaving around the world.
It sometimes threatens the safety of the sheep...
Ena Kuam uses Moroccan wool that is not mulled.

4. Filled with love!
Bags made in a slightly poor country somewhere in the world.
The language and culture are different, but the root is "love".
Please enjoy the bags made with love, one by one!


material [Body/Handle] Wool
size [Size] Maximum width: about 39cm x maximum height: about 31cm
[Handle length/height] Approx. 48 cm/Approx. 18 cm
[With inner pocket] Width: about 18cm x length: 11cm
[Weight] about 400g

* There are some individual differences in size and weight.
Color Raspberry (red), Pepper (blue), Forest (green)

Points to note when ordering

Due to the small number of products produced, we may not be able to deliver due to being sold out if there are multiple orders. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as stock status or arrival time.

Because each item is hand-made, there may be individual differences in the pattern and color. Thank you for your understanding.

Please be careful not to let it soak in water, such as putting it in the washing machine, as this will cause the raw wool to smell and shrink. If it does get wet, simply wipe it off with a dry cloth.

If you do not use it for a while after the season is over, please put insect repellent together and store it in a place with as little humidity as possible .

Pilling may occur due to rubbing against clothes, but it can be removed by cutting it with scissors.

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