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[Can store 2 smart keys, cards, banknotes, etc.] ANNAK smart key case wallet Himeji leather brown [AK22TA-D0020-BRN]

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In Moto-Asakusa, Tokyo, where many factories such as leather goods and metal processing are crowded, original leather brand "ANNAK" sent by Mitake Sangyo, a long-established factory.

Founded in 1925, Mitake Sangyo initially produced smoke pipes, but after the war, they shifted to making leather belts and other items in line with lifestyle changes. Since 2004, the leather brand "ANNAK" has been developed with a focus on handwork such as hand-sewing, hand-dyeing, and hand-polishing.

This smart key case wallet can store two smart keys such as a car, as well as analog keys (general keys), cards such as credit cards and driver's licenses, and bills. For those who prefer cashless payments, you can go out with just this smart key case wallet and your smartphone.

In addition to 2 smart keys and analog keys, cards and bills can also be stored.
Recommended for those who mainly pay cashless payments and those who prefer a minimalist style.

4 key rings In addition to the analog key, you can attach the attached auxiliary chain.

Two card pockets on one side *Please be careful of interference between IC cards with the same function.

The smart key pocket is made of elastic rubber, so it can also store a large smart key.

The smart key pocket is made of rubber and can hold smart keys of various sizes upright.
(Maximum size: length 8cm x width 7cm)
In addition to the smart key, it is also recommended to put a lip or bicycle key.

The edge (cut end) is also nice to the touch and carefully finished.

Uses Himeji leather with a nice touch and YKK Excela zipper that opens and closes smoothly.If you use the included auxiliary chain, you can prevent the key from falling, and you can use it with the key out even when the zipper is closed, expanding the range of usage. increase.

I forgot something! The phone is ringing! I want to go to the restroom!
When we need a key, we are often in a hurry.
If you attach an auxiliary chain to the key ring, you can prevent the keys from falling out and use them with the keys out of the key case.

YKK Excela is used for the zipper. Smooth opening and closing is possible.

Fine smooth leather with a nice touch

I have a lot of things in my bag, such as key cases, wallets, and pouches for small items, but I can't find the things I want to take out right away. . . ] Is there such a thing?

If you choose and store only "things you use often" and "things you want to take out immediately" from among them, you will be less likely to panic in an emergency.

All cowhide tanned in Himeji is used. The leather is tanned with chrome and then tanned again with tannin using a method called "heavy tanning". A hybrid leather that gives you the suppleness of chrome leather and the moderate stiffness of tannin leather.

Careful glazing (polished finish) is applied where it touches the hand, making it very comfortable to touch. It is also a unique taste of leather that you can see blood lines and moles slightly. You can enjoy aging by using it.

In addition to the smart key, you can put important things in it, put small items in it...
It can be used in a variety of ways to suit your lifestyle.

Lock your door when you leave your home, pay by credit card at convenience stores and shops, hold your IC card over the ticket gate at the station, listen to music on the train, apply your lipstick...
It's something I do every day, but the stress of having to search for keys, pass cases, earphones, etc. in my bag is solved all at once!

A smart key case for the cashless era where everything you need to go out is compactly organized and you can go out lightly.
Color: Taupe

Color: Red

Color: Brown Frequently used keys can be attached to the auxiliary chain for easy access and convenience.

When you want to use it, it doesn't come out right away... Things that tend to get lost in your bag are all put together!
This is a new style smart key case that is easier to use.

Designs and colors that can be used by both men and women. The simple appearance makes it a timeless leather item that you will want to use for a long time.

In addition to everyday use, the basic colors are easy to use for business and formal occasions, and the genuine leather gives it a luxurious feel.

This item is recommended for those who want to shift to cashless payments and those who are minimalists.

Not only for yourself, but also for birthdays, anniversaries, school entrance celebrations, graduation celebrations, retirement celebrations, Christmas, Valentine's Day, White Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, etc. Uka

We have a wide variety of colors available.

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Material/processing [Leather] Himeji leather (heavy leather tanning)
[Fastener] YKK Excela
made in Japan
size Length: Approximately 8.5cm x Width: Approximately 12cm
Thickness: about 3cm
Weight: about 115g (there are some errors due to the thickness of the leather, etc.)
storage Banknote (multi) pocket x 1
Card slot x 2
Smart key pocket x 2 (maximum size: length 8 cm x width 7 cm)
Key ring x 4 (with 2 auxiliary chains)

Points to note when ordering

We are working hard to secure stock, but it may take about a month to a month and a half for production and arrival when out of stock. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as stock status or arrival time.

The surface of the leather may have animal-specific ecological scars, wrinkles, or traces of blood vessels (blood streaks). Also, even if the same dye is used, there will be individual differences in color. Please understand and acknowledge this as a characteristic of natural leather and each individuality.

Please note that there is a possibility of color transfer if you put it in the pocket of light colored pants.

The leather material is vulnerable to rain and sweat, so if it gets wet, please allow it to dry naturally. If the product is used in a wet state, the color may fade or transfer. We recommend storing in a well-ventilated place.

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