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aoneco Bucket Print Shoulder Bag [an030] Leather products maker waji's rescue cat project Cat Cat Shoulder Pochette

Original price $111.76 - Original price $111.76
Original price
$111.76 - $111.76
Current price $111.76

Ships in 1-5 business days (depending on availability)

Waji Co., Ltd., founded in January 2016, is a professional manufacturing group that brings together everyone from veteran craftsmen to young designers.

The new brand ``aoneco'' created by the representative, Mr. Kanno, is a rescue cat project with the concept of ``so that all cats can sleep peacefully.''

The product includes a 10% donation, and the system allows customers to make a simple donation process.

We do not allow products that feel cheap, which tend to be the case with charity products, and our creators take great care in creating products with pride and love for cats. All aoneco products are made in Japan. Each piece is carefully made by craftsmen.

Bucket-shaped shoulder bag with aoneco original print. Genuine leather accents give it a mature and casual look.

pale green

Light gray

The original damask pattern with the aoneco logo hidden in the casual cat design is cute for adults.

A bucket-shaped shoulder bag made of printed canvas and tanned leather.
A mature and cute design with a casual cat motif and pale color scheme that won't be too cute. It's an item that you'll probably want to take with you when you go out.

Canvas is a hard material with just the right amount of firmness and firmness.
Himeji leather is used for the leather parts such as the shoulders, clasp, and cat tag.
Tannin-tanned soft leather gradually becomes softer and more comfortable in your hands as you use it. Please enjoy the change over time as the luster and taste appear.

The inclusion of genuine leather makes it a high-quality item for adults. This color lineup has a natural and refreshing impression among the aoneco series.

It has a sturdy bottom gusset and pockets, and has a height design that can hold a long wallet with more storage capacity than it looks, so you can carry your daily necessities together when you go out.

Maximum bottom gusset is 15cm

There are one pocket on the inside and two on the outside.

The bottom is piped with leather tape for stability.

With magnetic clasp

Accented with a leather tag cut into a cat silhouette.
Comes with a removable cat-shaped keychain.

The original buckle in antique color is cute for adults.

You can adjust the length to suit your body type and occasion, such as your height or when wearing outerwear.

You can easily store your essentials such as your wallet, smartphone, key case, etc., so you can easily manage your luggage.

It has a solid bottom gusset and height, so you can store tall items such as long wallets and 500ml plastic bottles.
The outer pocket is also divided, and can be used to store smartphones, small memo pads, key cases, IC cards, etc.

You can manage all the essentials you need for going out in one place.

The fresh pale colors and round bottom bucket shape are stylish.
Show off your love for cats in an elegant way with a casual cat motif!

pale green

Light gray

Just the right amount of casualness that goes well with pretty outfits. The elegant damask pattern allows you to incorporate cute cat motifs for a mature look.

It has a subtle cat design, so it is also recommended for those who secretly want to show off their love for cats.

This item is made with great care in terms of easy-to-use materials, durability, and design.
Recommended not only for yourself, but also as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, White Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, and for cat lovers.

About donation coupons

Since the donation amount is included in the product price, all customers need to do is complete the necessary steps to support rescue cats.
The way to donate is very simple↓

1. Read the two-dimensional barcode of the protected cat donation ticket attached to the product with your smartphone camera and go to the donation page *If using a computer, search for "Protected Cat Project aoneco"

2.Select support recipient on donation form

3. Enter your nickname and donation ticket code written on the ticket.

4.Tap Send

There is no need to enter or register a troublesome address, just do this♪
The amount listed on the donation ticket will be given to the recipient.


Material/processing Printed canvas Himeji leather (cowhide)/tanned
size [Body] Height: Approximately 24.5cm Width: Maximum approximately 19cm Bottom: Approximately 10cm x 14cm
[Shoulder] Length: Maximum 105-124cm
Weight: approx. 250g
*Because it is handmade, there may be slight individual differences.
Color pale green/light gray

Precautions when ordering and handling

Depending on the time of your order, items may be out of stock. In that case , it may take up to 2 months for delivery. If you have any questions about stock status or arrival time, please feel free to contact us.

Since we use genuine leather, there may be some scratches, peeling, streaks, uneven coloring, and color differences from the product image. Please note that this is a characteristic unique to natural materials.

Please note that color transfer may occur due to friction or getting wet.

Please avoid storing in places with high temperature, high humidity, or direct sunlight. If it gets wet, remove the moisture with a soft cloth and dry it in the shade. Please avoid washing with cold or hot water.

Placing smartphones, watches, bankbooks, credit cards, etc. close to magnets may cause malfunctions or magnetic defects. Please be careful.
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