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[Limited to 100 units] graphzero 15oz Heritage Jeans Slub Yarn Men's Women's Unisex [GZ-15HRJ-0510SB]

Original price $177.68 - Original price $186.24
Original price
$177.68 - $186.24
Current price $177.68

Delivery in 1-5 business days (subject to availability)

Graphzero is an artisan denim brand from Kojima, Kurashiki, which is known as Japan's number one jeans production town.

Introducing the third batch of 15oz heritage jeans from graphzero, limited to 100 pieces.

The denim is made of "gray denim" woven on an old-fashioned power loom, and is made with a vintage feel that is not pre-shrunk, anti-kink, or burnt.

This time, it is titled Yarn Series and was made using Nep Yarn and Slab Yarn.

Nep yarn is an original selvedge denim that uses cotton nep in the warp and weft.
The weft is made of brown cotton, giving it a unique texture with a stiff, thick texture.

Slab yarn is an original selvedge denim made of nep thread for the warp and brown cotton for the weft, with knotted threads of irregular length, thickness, and shape.
Fabric made from slub yarn has yarn knots that appear randomly, creating a unique expression, making this an extremely rare selvedge fabric.

Heritage jeans are a reference to the era when they were used as workwear in the early 1900s and were reinforced with rivets to withstand harsh working conditions.
The exposed rivets on the back pockets have been replaced with hidden rivets, and the cinch bag that was on the obi has been moved to the yoke position.

In addition to the ducktail back silhouette and the reverse stitching of the back yoke,
Center loop is offset. Reinforced with pocket slip and back pocket padding.

The silhouette is modeled after the workers of the time, with a deep rise and a thick waist.

The patch is made of cow leather. The patch is filled with passion, The hands of skilled craftsmen and young people.
The handing down of techniques that weave the future, the craftsmen and threads that create denim, and graphzero's pride in the quality of its products. It is engraved with "THE ONE AND ONLY TEXTILE" and "JAPAN PRIDE".

Cute even oversized We also recommend adding suspenders for a classic look! !

・One wash.
・The size chart is based on average values.
・Individual differences may occur depending on the fabric.
・Since it is made of gray denim, it will stretch around the waist by about 2 to 3 cm when you wear it.
・Please refrain from drying in a tumbler.

men: 180cm 65kg 32 inches
Woman: 162cm 30 inches

You can wear it stylishly and coolly as spring, summer, autumn, and winter clothes (all seasons). Men's size (male) Women's size (female) Unisex. Sizes are available (28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 40), and are suitable for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, regardless of gender or age. You can wear it.

Recommended not only for yourself, but also as a gift for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, White Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, etc. If you would like wrapping, please let us know in the notes section (free entry field) when ordering.

■Please ask your local vendor to repair the hem after receiving the product.
■Material: 100% cotton
13oz selvedge denim Right twill/Warp: Indigo/Weft: Ecru
28 inches Waist 74 Hips 102 Waist 32 Rise 32 Inseam 99 Hem width 22
29 inches Waist 76 Hips 105 Waist 33 Rise 32 Inseam 99 Hem width 22.5
30 inches Waist 78 Hips 110 Waist 33.5 Rise 32 Inseam 99 Hem width 23
31 inches Waist 80.5 Hips 108 Waist 34 Rise 32.5 Inseam 99 Hem width 23.5
32 inches Waist 82 Hips 112 Waist 34.5 Rise 32.5 Inseam 99 Hem width 24
33 inches Waist 84 Hips 114 Watari 35 Rise 32.5 Inseam 99 Hem width 24.5
34 inches Waist 87 Hips 118 Waist 35.5 Rise 33.5 Inseam 99 Hem width 25
35 inches Waist 90 Hips 124 Waist 36 Rise 33.5 Inseam 99 Hem width 25.5
36 inches Waist 92 Hips 128 Waist 36.5 Rise 33.5 Inseam 99 Hem width 26
38 inches Waist 96.5 Hips 130 Waist 38 Rise 34 Inseam 99 Hem width 27
40 inches Waist 102 Hips 134 Waist 39 Rise 34 Inseam 99 Hem width 27.5
*Unit: cm Sizes are approximate. Also, as denim changes depending on the environment, there may be some errors.

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