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graphzero Utility Overalls 12oz Selvedge Denim Indigo Men's Ladies [GZ-UOA0412-SLV] Okayama Kurashiki Kojima Jeans Brand

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$215.88 - $225.83
Current price $215.88
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Delivery in 1-5 business days (subject to availability)

Model: 183cm (L size)

Graphzero is a craftsman denim brand from Kojima, Kurashiki, which is known as Japan's number one jeans-producing town.
It is attracting attention for its original jeans that have undergone manual dyeing and color fading processing, which are not profitable for major companies.

The members who are most upstream in jeans production know the latest jeans trends quickly and are working on cutting-edge manufacturing. In addition to the original jeans that you can feel the taste and depth unique to craftsmen's manual work, we are producing standard denim, T-shirts, tops, etc. that are particular about materials and sewing.

Introducing stylish utility overalls with a work style waist apron.

The apron with many tool pockets is characteristic.
It is an overall with a relaxed silhouette.

As the name suggests, this overall is characterized by a "utility (useful)" apron.
Accented with orange stitching throughout.

The fabric is 12 oz blackish dark blue selvage denim. It has just the right amount of thickness and is suitable for a wide range of seasons.

The loose silhouette adds a relaxed and elegant feel to your outfit. With just the right texture, you can enjoy styling in various seasons.

A popular low-back style reminiscent of the 40's and 50's.
The silhouette is roomy, but the size is not too big.

Model is 170cm (female) and wears size M


Model left: 170cm (M size), right: 162cm (S size)

A popular low-back style that is easy to incorporate even for beginners in overalls.
The back looks neater than the high back.

The inseam is 82 cm for all sizes. It is recommended to fold the hem slightly and let it sag.

The waist belt is integrated. By fixing it with a waist belt, the weight of the cloth and luggage is reduced and the burden on the shoulder is reduced. Tie it loosely for an oversized look.

While giving you a vintage taste, it has a stylish design that is typical of Graph Zero.

The pocket on the bib part is slightly one point with bias stitching.

The original grapfzero logo is printed on the rubber part of the low back.

The tool back part is sewn together at the waist, but it can be removed with a button and turned up.

The front side has a deep pocket that can hold a thin long wallet. There is also a flap hip pocket.

The contrast that can be seen when folded up is fashionable.

All fly buttons are original. Vintage atmosphere made of brass.

A deep dark navy blue. Recommended for those who want to dress more simply and coolly.

Recommended for casual wear such as T-shirts and collared shirts, but also as a remover item for neat outfits. The design is not too childish and is easy to match with other items, so you will want to use it for a long time regardless of the season.

This item is recommended for vintage lovers and overalls lovers regardless of gender and age.
How about a set of 2 pieces in different sizes as a matching look for couples?

It can be used not only for fashion items, but also for outdoor activities, camping, biking, DIY, fishing, and gardening.

Not only for yourself, but also recommended as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, White Day, etc.

Different colors are also available.

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brand graphzero / Channel Inc. / HEART MADE BASE
material cotton 100%
Color 12oz selvedge denim indigo
size S・M・L・XL・3L・4L
3L and 4L will be +1430 yen (tax included).

Precautions before purchase

Some items may be out of stock depending on the timing of your order. In that case, you may have to wait for about 1 week to 10 days until arrival, but we would appreciate your understanding in advance.

Please note that the color may transfer due to friction or getting wet with water.

When washing, we recommend washing separately . When storing, store in a dark place away from light to prevent fading due to light.

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