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[6 colors] kobooriza Cotton Linen NECKABLE Hoodie Snood Ladies [K-NC-NK01-23]

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"The surroundings are greenery and clear streams, and you can hear the nostalgic sound of the loom 'gatchan gatchan'..." Kobo Oriza creates stoles and mufflers overflowing with originality using old-fashioned weaving machines.

Kobo Oriza's old-fashioned weaving looms have become an innovation that spins and creates comfortable fashion products that are loved by men and women of all ages.

A new color has appeared in the popular hoodie snood at Kobo Oriza.
Exquisite nuanced colors are mature and cute 6 colors

Pink beige / Blue mist
Sage green / Carmine red
Mint orange / Lavender olive

The product name "NECKABLE" is a combination of "neck" and "wear".

Just slip it over your head and bring it around your neck for a stylish look, making it an easy-to-use item.

It is made with a weaving method called "multiple plain weave," in which two or more pieces of fabric are woven at the same time as a single piece by creating a connecting point in the plain weave structure. The weave and thread color are different on the left and right, so you can enjoy the different expressions such as transparency.

It is a color lineup that the exquisite color scheme is likely to accentuate your outfit.

Stylish UV protection for cycling and gardening.
It looks like it's going to be a positive outing with a fresh color scheme that makes you feel good.

It is also recommended for those who are new to the stole, such as "I can't wrap the stole well" or "I don't know what kind of stole to choose".

A cool and functional snood that allows you to enjoy the fashion of spring and summer.

You can use it as an item that warms your neck moderately in the early spring when it is a little chilly, and as a shade hoodie or as a countermeasure against air conditioning in the summer when the sun is strong. In addition, the coarse weave makes it breathable.

The fabric is light and soft, so it doesn't feel stiff even if you let it sag around your neck, giving it a soft and airy three-dimensional feel.

Differences in expression due to discerning functionality and weaving.
Thin and light without being bulky, and soft and gentle to the touch

It is composed of two types of weaves, and you can enjoy the sheerness.
The thin part is elastic so it is easy to pass through the head, and the thick part covers the back of the neck for excellent UV protection.

The circumference is 68 to 76 cm, which is a "slightly" loose size that allows a woman's head to pass through and gently wraps around the neck.

It also has the advantages of being soft and easy to put on, good breathability, and shade from the sun. In addition, it is not bulky even when folded, so it is useful when going out or traveling.

A combination of stretchy strong twisted yarn and glossy and smooth combed yarn.Another point is that approximately 80% of the yarn is made with antibacterial and deodorizing "Lonfresh" processing.

Kobo Oriza's uniquely remodeled 100-year-old shuttle loom, the "Toyota Y-type loom" and the "Tsudakoma loom," are used to carefully fabricate each sheet. A single piece of tubular fabric is made by interweaving thin and thick fabrics of different colors, thicknesses, and finishes.

All processes are finished with weaving, so there are no seams anywhere. It's a gentle winding comfort that snuggles up to your skin.

A special snood that can be used for many seasons from spring to autumn, not only for yourself, but also as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, White Day, 60th birthday celebration, etc. Uka

We offer a wide variety of types and colors.

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Materials/Techniques 95% cotton, 5% hemp
multiple plain weave
size Size: Approximately 34cm x 70cm (including fringe) Circumference: 68-76cm
Weight: about 50g

* There are some individual differences in size and weight.
Color Pink Beige Blue Mist Sage Green Carmine Red Mint Orange Lavender Olive

Precautions when purchasing

Depending on the stock situation, it will take about 3 to 4 weeks for production. If more time is required due to material procurement, etc., we will notify you in a confirmation email after placing your order. This product is well worth the wait, so we would appreciate it if you could order it after understanding and acknowledging it.

Due to the delicate material, please be careful of strong friction and catching.

Dark colored items may transfer color due to friction while wearing. Please refrain from using it in places where it gets wet, such as excessive friction or rain.

Hand wash separately using a neutral detergent. The hand wash mode of the washing machine is impossible. Remove moisture, adjust the shape while leaving wrinkles on the thin part, and hang to dry in a well-ventilated shade.
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