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kobooriza Kobo Oriza Hemp 100% Colors Stole Ladies Men's [K-ST-AS10] Ehime Prefecture Imabari City Textile

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$48.52 - $48.52
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"The surroundings are greenery and clear streams, and you can hear the nostalgic sound of the loom 'gatchan gatchan'..." Kobo Oriza creates stoles and mufflers overflowing with originality using old-fashioned weaving machines.

Kobo Oriza's old-fashioned weaving looms have become an innovation that spins and creates comfortable fashion products that are loved by men and women of all ages.

A 100% hemp stole that can be used refreshingly from spring to summer. You can feel the texture of natural linen even in the light colors.

Woven from 100% hemp. It is characterized by its moderately crisp texture. It has the characteristic of being soft and adaptable to the skin as it is used.

The transparent fabric and the gradation from white to vivid dark color. Linen has excellent water absorption and wicking properties, so it feels good on the skin and can be worn coolly.

The scarf is finished with a refreshing beauty while having a strong presence with a vivid color that will wake you up.

It's a large size, so you can wrap it thinly or put it on... you can wrap it in any shape you like.

The gradation looks different depending on how you wrap it, so you can show more highlights and incorporate it as a nuance, or show more color and use it as an accent to your coordination.

"It looks hot in the summer if you wear a stole", "It looks difficult to coordinate", and so on. This summer stole is not only casual, but also has a well-calculated cool texture, and a design that combines relaxation and style.

Since the stole is close to the face, the color of the stole has a great effect on how the face is reflected and the brightness around the face. The impression changes greatly just by wrapping a brightly colored stole.

In addition, the bright and refreshing color itself acts like a reflector, making your skin look bright and healthy.

It's a moderately pop color that men also want to use. How about using it as a pair with your spouse or couple?

Hand washing is possible. The point that is glad that it dries in a short time after washing.
One of the charms of 100% linen is that the more you use it for a long time, the more the texture will increase.

"Linen" is used for the warp, which softens as it is used, and "ramie", which maintains its firmness and elasticity, is used for the weft.

Exquisite color scheme with long fringe.

You will be fascinated by the beautiful gradation woven with threads of six colors.

The size is 40 cm wide and 180 cm long including the fringe.
It's just the right size to give you a sense of security whether you wear it on your shoulder or around your neck.

It is loosely woven on a shuttle loom with a kimono width.

The most basic "plain weave," in which the warp and weft threads are alternately raised and lowered. It is characterized by its flat finish, strong structure and resistance to friction.

In addition, the unique texture of hemp keeps the volume of the neck firmly even during the sweaty season, and it is comfortable to use. It is recommended for spring and autumn when there is a temperature difference, and for summer when it is useful as a shade.

Not only for yourself, but also as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, Valentine's Day, White Day, etc.


Materials/Techniques 100% hemp (linen, ramie)
plain weave
size Size: about 40cm x 180cm (including fringe)
* There are some individual differences in size.
Color You can choose from 5 colors of blue, purple, red, yellow and green.

Points to note when ordering

Depending on the stock situation, it will take about 3 to 4 weeks for production. If more time is required due to material procurement, etc., we will notify you in a confirmation email after placing your order. This product is well worth the wait, so we would appreciate it if you could order it after understanding and acknowledging it.

Since the mesh is rough, please be careful not to get caught when ironing.

Dark colored items may transfer color due to friction while wearing. Please refrain from using it in places where it gets wet, such as excessive friction or rain. Also, since it is a delicate fabric, please be careful not to get it caught on protruding objects such as buttons, earrings, necklaces, and zippers.

Care instructions

●Gently hand wash with a neutral detergent.
● Do not use chlorine bleach.
●After washing your hands, put it in a laundry net and dehydrate it for about 30 seconds.
●Do not tumble dry.
●After dehydration, please dry in the shade with the shape adjusted.

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