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kobooriza Kobo Oriza Alternative Weave Linen Stole Hemp 100% Women's Men's [K-ST-KO06] Ehime Prefecture Imabari City Textile Brand

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2 weeks (subject to availability)

"The surroundings are greenery and clear streams, and you can hear the nostalgic sound of the loom 'gatchan gatchan'..." Kobo Oriza creates stoles and mufflers overflowing with originality using old-fashioned weaving machines.

Kobo Oriza's old-fashioned weaving looms have become an innovation that spins and creates comfortable fashion products that are loved by men and women of all ages.

The comfort of thin, smooth and high-quality linen. Wear it when you go out to spring and summer excursions, or use it as an accent for smart casual occasions.

"Ecru White" where the lace curtain softens the sunlight

"Greige" with cool blue gray

"Beige" with a gentle color like linen

"Brown" accented with darker colors

This is a stole from Koubou Oriza's popular "Kawariori" series.

The beauty of the woven pattern stands out just by wearing it lightly. The combination of exquisite nuanced colors makes it easy to match with various clothes.

You can enjoy the woven pattern by simply wrapping or just putting it on, but if you change the way you wrap it, you can also enjoy the accent colors that come from the different color schemes.

In addition, it can be used by both men and women of all ages. It is also recommended for couples and parents and children to use them in pairs.

The ambiguous two-tone color scheme, which dares to match colors that are close to each other, also boosts the sense of fashion. A high-quality fashionable companion for adults.

"Ecru White" made by using exquisitely colored threads that blend well with the skin.

"Greige" which is also recommended for men and has a cool impression

"Beige" where you can fully feel the natural texture

"Brown" expressed with black thread and beige thread

Available in 4 natural and deep nuanced colors.

With a sophisticated weave pattern, the moderate sheerness makes the difference in the weave pattern even more attractive.

As the weave pattern of the stole is unique, we are particular about the texture and count of the thread to enhance the design.

A craftsman carefully weaves one by one with a "variable weave".
Please feel the human warmth born from handwork.

The size is 40 cm wide and 185 cm long including the fringe.
It's just the right size to give you a sense of security whether you wear it on your shoulder or around your neck.

Uses high-quality "skein-dyed" yarn that keeps the texture of the yarn and dyes the whole neatly.
It is a heathered thread with a melange feel, like a mixture of two or more colors. It has a moderate sheerness and excellent breathability.

It is a "variable weave" that combines three patterns of large and small herringbone and plain weave.

The slightly longer fringe is nice and mature.

This is a recommended item for spring and summer that will enhance the quality of your coordination.

It has a smooth and refreshing touch and has excellent moisture absorption. At first, the fabric has firmness and elasticity, but one of the real pleasures of linen is that it becomes a texture that adapts to your skin as you use it.

Kobo Oriza uses the mid-Showa loom "Iwama Loom," which is uniquely remodeled by Kobo Oriza.

All processes are finished with weaving, so there are no seams anywhere.

A scarf made with carefully selected woven fabric that can be used for many seasons from spring to autumn.It can be used not only for yourself, but also as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, White Day, etc. Is not it.


Materials/Techniques 100% hemp (linen)
Varied weave
size Size: about 40cm x 185cm (including fringe)
* There are some individual differences in size.
Color You can choose from four colors: ecru white, greige, beige, and brown.

Points to note when ordering

Depending on the stock situation, it will take about 3 to 4 weeks for production. If more time is required due to material procurement, etc., we will notify you in a confirmation email after placing your order. This product is well worth the wait, so we would appreciate it if you could order it after understanding and acknowledging it.

Dark colored items may transfer color due to friction while wearing. Please refrain from using it in places where it gets wet, such as excessive friction or rain. Also, since it is a delicate fabric, please be careful not to get it caught on protruding objects such as buttons, earrings, necklaces, and zippers.

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