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Watanabe Kobo handmade watch "Coil1-B" 5-fold belt ladies brass [NW-45A]

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Mr. Masaaki Watanabe of Watanabe Koubou is a watchmaker who makes watches one by one by hand at his workshop in downtown Tokyo. We have worked on many watch works that are full of warmth and a tasteful expression unique to handmade.

Mr. Watanabe does everything by hand, from making watch parts such as cases, dials, and belts to assembling them. There is a wide variety of products, from simple designs that can be used for both casual and business purposes, to unique models that incorporate originality and ingenuity. Watches created through a very time-consuming process give warmth and healing that ready-made products do not have.

For the material of the case, we use materials such as brass and silver that can be enjoyed over time. The leather belt is made of genuine leather that is thick yet fits well, giving it a sense of quality and presence. With the flow of time, you will grow attached to it - it is overflowing with such warmth.

Since each item is made by hand, it takes about 3 weeks to 1 month from the time of order, but you can also choose the color of the belt. It's a very rare and warm handmade wristwatch, so I'm sure it will be appreciated even if it is given as a gift!

Rustic brass texture and classical design

"What time is it?" When you drop your gaze suddenly, it makes you feel gentle...
A fun design with a rustic texture and warmth unique to handmade♪
The brass case deepens in color the more it is used, giving it a unique taste.

This model has a belt that wraps around the wrist in five layers, giving it a casual presence and making it a fashionable watch that can be worn like a bracelet. It is welded to the dial and stands out three-dimensionally, giving it a simple design that stands out.

A design with a natural feel that will easily fit into your daily style...
Not only is it great for casual styles, but it also creates a cute presence for simple and neat styles.

The case (watch body) is made of brass

The number that emerges is unique!

Wearing example (woman, arm circumference 14cm)

Solid leather belt (brown in the photo)

Hand-engraved engraving on the back cover

The belt is made of high-quality cowhide leather, and the thickness is about 3.5mm, giving it an outstanding presence. It is much more durable than the leather straps of common wristwatches, and it also has a high quality. I think there are very few mass-produced watches in the same price range that use leather belts with such quality and presence.

Because it is almost made-to-order and hand-made, it takes time from order to delivery, but it is worth it. It is a watch that is full of character and warmth, so it is recommended not only for yourself but also as a gift. I'm sure it will be a memorable gift!

You can choose the color of the belt!

The belt is available in eight colors: black, brown, camel, tanned, white, red, khaki, and navy. Choose your favorite color belt and make it your one and only wristwatch in the world♪

Notes on ordering and handling

Most of our products are made-to-order, so it takes about 3 weeks to 1 month for delivery. Thank you for your understanding.
It is not waterproof, so please be careful when working on rainy days or around water.
Because each item is handmade, the details may differ slightly from item to item. We would appreciate it if you could order it after understanding that it is one of the features and charms of handmade watches.
The warranty period is one year from the date of purchase. However, only internal failures are covered by the warranty, and external parts such as cases and belts are not covered by the warranty. Also, if there is no warranty attached to the product, it may not be covered by the warranty.
The battery built into the watch at the time of purchase is a monitor battery for checking operation at the time of production and shipment. Please note that the battery life is not covered by the warranty.

Item Number NW-45A
Function/Material [Movement] Quartz (made in Japan), 3 needles [Case] ​​Brass (back cover is stainless steel)
[Belt] Genuine leather (cowhide)
[Windshield] Glass
size [Case] ​​Diameter: Approx. 22mm (Dial diameter: Approx. 18mm) / Thickness: Approx. 8.5mm
[Belt] Width: 5.5mm/Thickness: Approximately 2mm

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