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Watanabe Kobo Handmade Accessory Automatic Movement Pendant [NW-NC-04] Men's Women's Necklace

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[Made-to-order] 3-4 weeks

Mr. Masaaki Watanabe of Watanabe Koubou is a watchmaker who makes watches one by one by hand at his workshop in downtown Tokyo. We have worked on many watch works that are full of warmth and a tasteful expression unique to handmade.

Mr. Watanabe does everything by hand, from making watch parts such as cases, dials, and belts to assembling them.

Introducing a new accessory series that uses a mechanical watch movement!
You can see the delicate and complicated gears from the front and back.

You can choose from simple pendant silver and gold using the self-winding type movement of the watch.

Self-winding movement with a more complex structure

There is a rotor on the back, and it moves around because it is not fixed.

Both are housed in a gold-colored case and can be used as pendant tops with a high degree of design.

The beautiful and artistic expression of the movement on the chest...
A pendant that directly uses the movement of a mechanical watch from Watanabe Koubou.

A movement is the heart of a watch, the center that keeps time. The movement is delicate yet surely ticks away the time.

Since it is a self-winding type, it is automatically wound when the "rotor" on the back moves, and the part that plays the role of a pendulum called "balance" and the gears move round and round.
You can enjoy not only the refined appearance but also the feeling of the gear.

This self-winding movement uses the "Côtes de Genève" decoration that is typical of mechanical movements.
"Côtes de Genève" refers to the regular oblique engravings on the movement plate. This decoration is said to represent the image of ripples, and is a traditional technique applied to most mechanical movements.

The appeal of mechanical watches to jewelry for women may also come from this aspect.

You can choose from 10 types of pendants.
50 cm and 60 cm are available for the chain and leather cord.
Gorgeous yellow gold Kihei chain

Leather strap type with a casual atmosphere

You can also choose the color of the strap.

Both can be adjusted with a 5 cm adjuster. You can also make it longer and match it with a high neck.

Two types of chain and leather cord are available: 50 cm (5 cm inside adjuster) and 60 cm (5 cm inside adjuster). You can choose from 4 colors of leather straps: Nume, brown, dark brown, and black.

The silver movement is also fitted in a gold case, so it goes well with a gold-colored chain.
Cool with silver x black leather cord, gorgeous with gold x gold color chain. The impression changes depending on the combination.

It is available in a size that is easy for men to use. It is an item that will keep your usual outfit fresh.

A simple and fashionable presence that you want to wear heavily.
You can use it regardless of gender and age.

It goes well with both girly and neat looks.

How about a gift for someone special?

A simple, sophisticated pendant that is easy to match with a variety of clothes.

The roots of hand-wound movements are said to lie in pocket watches from the 17th and 18th centuries. We live in an era where we can check the time digitally, but why not take a peek inside the low-tech movement created by ancient people and feel its history?

It is also recommended to wear a pair of different colors for couples or couples.

Not only for yourself, but also for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, Valentine's Day, White Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, and watch lovers.

A hand-rolled version is also available.

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Material/processing [Body] Brass, alloy [Chain] Brass [Leather strap] Cowhide, brass
size [Body] Length/Width: 28.5mm Thickness: 4.0mm
[Chain] Approximately 50cm (inner adjuster 5cm), Approximately 60cm (inner adjuster 5cm)
[Leather strap] Approximately 50cm (inner adjuster 5cm), Approximately 60cm (inner adjuster 5cm)

Precautions when ordering

Most of our products are made-to-order, so it takes about 3 weeks to 1 month for delivery. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as stock status or arrival time.

Here, we reuse watch repairs and movements that have become unusable during production, and sell them at a low price. Therefore, some parts may differ from the image, such as differences in the color of parts depending on the lot.

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