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[3 pieces] Taisei Shiki Seisakusho Cylindrical Pochibukuro POCHI-PON (Pochipon) Shochikubai [POCHIP-SHOCHIKU] New Year's Gift Celebration Japanese Pattern Cute Pochibukuro

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Taisei Shiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a brand that proposes paper utensils.

Utilizing our printing and processing technology, centered on paper boxes and paper tubes, we are developing items that are close to our daily lives.

POCHI-PON is a cylindrical bag that makes you happy every time you open it.
The auspicious motif and red and white colors will enliven any festive occasion.

A lucky charm illustration is also stamped with gold foil on the part where the lid is opened.

Made by wrapping paper around an iron core to create a strong paper tube.

The diameter of the tube is approximately 23.5mm, and it can hold up to 10 10,000 yen bills.
You can also put some coins in it.

As the name suggests, when you open the lid, it makes an auspicious "PON!" sound.
A fun bag called "POCHI-PON". You can't help but smile as it looks like it's celebrating an auspicious occasion.

You can roll up new bills and put them in there without folding them.

With cute and auspicious colors and motifs, it can be used by both babies and adults.

Recommended for New Year's gifts and Obon gifts, as well as celebrations for promotion, going to higher education, graduation, employment, childbirth, and Shichi-Go-San celebrations.
It is also a great gift when you include reward money for wedding car fees, accommodation fees, etc.

This tube is made by wrapping paper in a spiral around an iron core, making it stronger than a flat tube. It also has a luxurious feel and is perfect as a gift.

It is also recommended for situations where you want to convey a small message or feeling.
Even after receiving it, it can be used as a storage space for small daily necessities and accessories.

It is also recommended for sending ``just feelings'' such as handwritten messages or small sweets.

Convenient size for storing daily necessities such as cotton swabs, medicine, seals, clips, accessories such as earrings, necklaces, hairpins, handicrafts such as gusset needles, sewing thread, beads, and small items. It has a stylish design that can be placed as an interior decoration.
You can use it for various purposes even after receiving it. Of course you can also use it for yourself◎

Pochibukuro are useful when you want to convey your feelings, such as New Year's gifts or celebrations.
Would you like to send your feelings to someone with a stylish and cute design and fun production?

Various designs. Please choose according to the recipient.

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material paper
size Width: Approx. 26mm x Height: Approx. 88mm x Depth: Approx. 26mm

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