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Kepani Crew Neck Sweatshirt Harris-2 Women's [TS-8301MS-LADIES] 100% Cotton Brushed Lining Sweatshirt

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$92.77 - $92.77
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Kepani is a sweat brand that handles all processes in Japan, from yarn generation to fabric knitting, fabric processing, and sewing. Since our founding in 2006, we have mainly been selling small items such as fleece-lined sweatshirts, hoodies, tops, gloves, and hats made using carefully selected threads and manufacturing methods.

Kepani's sweat items are shaped by the creator's thoughts as they travel to factories across Japan. The yarn is spun in Osaka, the sweat fabric is knitted in Wakayama, and the back is brushed in Mie, and each piece is carefully finished in a Japanese sewing factory.

Kepani's sweat items, which have a lightweight feel that softly hugs your body, a sophisticated silhouette that never goes out of style, and are highly durable, are inspired by the technology and history of Japanese clothing making and the passion of the craftsmen involved. It's included.

Wear "standards" that you can use for a long time.
Raglan sleeve sweatshirt made in Japan with a focus on comfort and durability.

The sleeves are raglan sleeves.
The sleeve seams do not follow the shoulder skeleton, making it easier for the shoulders to move. It also has the advantage of not emphasizing the position of your shoulders and makes your shoulders look wider and gives you a beautiful silhouette.

The thread that started Kepani is raffi thread, which is popular as a pioneer of vintage and recycled. At a long-established textile factory in Osaka, it is spun using a combination of ultra-long-staple Turfan cotton and Giza America's fallen cotton, which contains many short fibers, to create a soft yarn with a natural uneven feel.

Raffi yarn, which was born in Osaka, is knitted into sweatshirt fabric in Wakayama, one of Japan's leading knitting production areas. The sinker knitting machine has been finely adjusted to reproduce a texture similar to that of fabric knitted with an old-fashioned loop knitting machine. The loose yet precisely woven sweat fabric is flexible and stretchy, making it difficult to lose its shape.

Sweat fabric knitted in Wakayama is brushed on the inside of the fabric that touches the skin at a brushed processing factory in Mie. Special processing techniques by craftsmen bring out the natural softness of cotton to the maximum, achieving excellent moisturizing effects and a feeling that gently blends into bare skin.

High-quality comfort that can be seen just by slipping through the sleeves.
A sweatshirt with a soft feel and ease of movement that you'll want to wear all the time.
As you use it for a long time, the black thread will lose its color and you can enjoy the way it changes little by little over time.

It has a moisturizing effect, feels good on the skin, and feels lightweight, making it an item that you will become addicted to once you wear it.

A slightly tight silhouette that is not too casual and can be used as a classic for a long time.
It has an unflattering simplicity, but the slightly longer sleeve length matches the cuteness.

The model is a 170cm female *wearing size 2 (color: light gray)


A slightly tight silhouette that fits the body. Contrary to its appearance, it feels relaxed and comfortable.

The sleeve length is designed to be slightly longer, and the exquisite silhouette with the strength and weakness around the wrist makes it look stylish.

The design features details from the 40's and 50's.
Combined with the texture of the material, it creates a vintage atmosphere.

"Double V" gusset with V-shaped gussets on both the front and back necks, which is typical of vintage sweatshirts.

The back of the sleeves are also lined with brushed lining to keep you warm and moisturized.

The ribbed hem stretches well, so it doesn't feel constricting.

Paying close attention to detail, the design is based on sweatshirts from the 40s and 50s, and features raglan sleeves and ridged ribs, which were not used at the time, for ease of movement and a beautiful silhouette, creating a unique look.

Although the fabric is tough, each piece is carefully sewn using Japanese craftsmanship techniques to increase durability in areas that are prone to wear and tear.

At home or outside. . .
It's simple, so it's easy to match with your regular bottoms.

Great for relaxing at home, but also for going out.
With its simple design and color that you will never get tired of, it is an item that goes well with any bottoms. Recommended for those who want to create a classy adult casual outfit.

The fleece lining makes it useful from autumn to spring when you're concerned about the cold.

It is made with attention to texture, durability, functionality, and design.
Experience a higher level of comfort with our high-quality sweatshirts made in Japan, which overturn the concept of sweatshirts.

Not only for yourself, but also as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, White Day, Christmas, etc.

Size comparison by height

Larger sizes are also available.

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The size is unisex. For those who prefer a looser fit, we also offer sizes 3, 4, and 5.


Fabric/processing 100% cotton (laffy yarn), brushed lining
size 1・2 (Please check the size chart.)
Color light gray gray oatmeal

Precautions before purchase and use

We make every effort to secure inventory, but if an item is out of stock, it may take about a month and a half for production and arrival. (If you have to wait longer than that, we will notify you of a new delivery date.)

-Due to the special knitting method and shrinkage caused by washing, there may be a difference of several centimeters even in the same size. Please check the size chart numbers as a guide only. If you would like to check the actual size of the product you will receive, please contact our store before purchasing.
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