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[2 colors] ENA KUAM Dot Round Cello Basket Tote Bag [23SKU001]

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"Ena Kuam" was born from the Chinese character "AMANEKU".

"Widely" means "widely", and the brand name contains the desire to make bags that can be handed to many people, the thoughts put into making bags, and the desire to widely convey hidden stories. increase.

I want to make fair trade but cute bags, contribute a little to the world, and support women's independence. Based on such a concept, we continue to create original products with Nepalese women.

Please enjoy the items filled with the desire to be a bridge connecting customers and the world.

Great for refreshing spring and summer outfits.
A basket bag with a cute chubby bottom.

Each item is carefully woven by hand using paper yarn (paper material).

A natural and cute basket bag that is great for spring and summer outings.
The dot pattern woven with cotton thread is three-dimensional, giving it a mature and lovely scent.

In the hot season, you want to choose “cool appearance and materials”.
It is woven with paper yarn (paper material), so it is super lightweight at about 175g.
It has excellent sweat absorption and humidity control, and has a smooth and soft texture. It is comfortable and durable even in the hot season and is recommended.

The "knitted fabric" used in Ennaquam bags is 100% hand-knitted by Nepalese women.
It is a product that you can feel the polite handiwork of Nepalese women.

A high-quality product made by hand.
It is simple and is designed with ease of use in mind.

Round bottom for stability. With a small inner pocket (about 11 cm x 11 cm)

The plump bottom form is eye-catching

Narrow handle woven from cotton thread and paper yarn

The bottom gusset is wide, so you can store bulky items.

There are no metal fittings, it is made only with cotton thread and paper yarn, and the handle is thin and light.

You can use it like a basket with a round bottom that is stable even when you put bulky items in it.
In addition to essential items such as long wallets, towel handkerchiefs, smartphones, and key cases, it can also hold bulky items such as stoles, thin cardigans, 500ml plastic bottles, and sunglasses cases necessary for summer outings.

It's just the right size, not too minimal.

It can also be used as a one-mile bag for "just a little bit" ◎
Incorporate it into your outfit to upgrade your spring and summer look!

Simple dot pattern that doesn't look too cute

A basic expression that is easy to incorporate into various outfits.

It can be used as a shoulder bag or as a mini tote bag.

It's casual but still has a good quality, and it will blend in with a variety of outfits.
With its simple design, you won't get tired of it, and it's sure to become a staple item for spring and summer every year!

Not only for yourself, but also recommended as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, White Day, Mother's Day, etc.


Material/processing Non-classified fiber (paper)/paper yarn cotton
Size/Weight Height: Approx. 21 cm x Width (flat): Approx. 30 cm x Depth: Approx. 20 cm
Weight: about 175g
Handle: about 40cm
Inner pocket: about 11cm high x about 11cm wide
*Because it is handmade, there are some individual differences.
Color black, natural

Precautions before purchase

We are working hard to secure stock, but it may take about 1 month to 1 and a half months for production and arrival when out of stock. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about stock status or arrival time.

As this is a handmade item, there may be individual differences in the shape and position of the dot pattern. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

Do not wash. This product is based on the concept of being earth-friendly, and uses delicate materials with an emphasis on texture. Color fading and color migration may occur due to fading due to the influence of the sun, rain or water. Please handle with care.

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