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mino nico Stole Poncho, Loosely Knitted and Windproof, Border [242-01-05] Women's Cardigan, Spring/Summer

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"Mino" is a poncho brand born in Gosen City, Niigata Prefecture, one of Japan's leading knitwear production areas, inspired by the "mino" raincoat, a traditional winter garment worn in snowy regions.

"Mino" is made by Saifuku, a manufacturer that has been making products specializing in knitwear since 1963. Gosen City is blessed with abundant, high-quality water and has flourished as a silk textile production area since the mid-Edo period, and after the war developed into a major center for the knitwear industry. They continue to hone their knitwear techniques and ideas, along with the know-how that has been passed down in the production area.

"Nico" is a poncho that can be worn over your head, with two holes on either end of the rectangular knit fabric for your hands to fit through. In addition to wearing it over your head, it can also be worn around your neck as a stole.

"Nico" is a stylish shawl poncho that is easy to put on.
A loosely knitted type that is cool and summery

Made from hemp material with excellent moisture absorption and breathability. It has a refreshing feel and is perfect for summer.

The length of the slit is about 16cm. The knit has a stretchy feel, so the loose sleeves are easy to put on.

Knitted pattern with large eyelets

Nico is useful in the summer, whether outdoors at the beach or camping, or indoors in air-conditioned spaces.

When unfolded, it is a 160cm x 70cm shawl-type garment, but by simply cutting two slits it can be transformed into a poncho.
The linen material and striped pattern create a summery atmosphere.

Material: 82% linen, 18% polyester
Made with plenty of hemp, which is one of the most absorbent and breathable natural materials, for a cool, refreshing feel. The stretchy knit material provides a comfortable fit.

You can hand wash it at home. The natural wrinkles that appear after washing are unique to linen. You can also enjoy the changing texture.

Additionally, by making it a simple rectangular shape, they have also taken care to avoid leaving any scraps of fabric (cutting loss).

It has a strong transparency that gives a summery look.
Simple design that goes well with both formal and casual outfits

When viewed from behind, it has vertical stripes, giving it a clean impression.

It can be used as a large cardigan, so it is also recommended for men.

It is a long rectangle so you can wrap it around your neck and use it as a sheer scarf.

This easy-to-wear, easy-to-wash shawl poncho can be used from spring to summer.

Because it is sheer, the impression changes depending on the top you wear underneath.
Even when worn over a sleeveless top, it hides your upper arms while still letting some skin show through for a feminine look.

Depending on your mood, you can wear it as a poncho by putting it through your hands, draping it over your shoulders, or wrapping it around your's a piece that will expand the range of your outfits.

Two-tone striped pattern in adult colors

The basic yet subtle color and moderate transparency are sure to make you look stylish!

Linen items create a light and airy look, and will tickle your curiosity as spring turns to summer.

It is recommended not only for yourself, but also as a gift or present for birthdays, anniversaries, White Day, Mother's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, etc.

Material, processing, size

Materials and Processing 82% linen, 18% polyester
size [Expanded size] Width: approx. 160cm x Height: approx. 70cm
[Weight] Approx. 240g
*There may be slight individual differences in size.
Color Pale Silver x White Beige Navy

Precautions before purchase and when using

We make every effort to secure stock, but if an item is out of stock, it may take up to one month to produce and receive it. If we have to wait longer than that, we will notify you of the delivery date.

You can wash it by hand at home, but linen tends to shrink when wet, and washing it in water can cause pilling and changes in texture, so please avoid this. After washing, shape it and hang it to dry.

Please note that the color may fade or transfer if left wet from sweat or rain, or due to friction while wearing the product.

Please avoid tumble drying at home.

When ironing, use a pressing cloth.

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