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[3 colors] ENA KUAM Paper Yarn Cylinder Bag [24SKU007] Tote bag, handbag, shoulder bag, handmade

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$55.87 - $55.87
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"Ena Kuam" was born from the Chinese character "AMANEKU".

"Henku" means "widely," and the brand name embodies our desire to create bags that can be reached by many people, and to widely communicate the passion we put into making these bags and the hidden stories they hold.

They want to make cute bags that are fair trade, and also want to contribute a little to the world and help women become independent. Based on this concept, they are creating original products with women in Nepal.

We hope you enjoy our items, which are made with our desire to serve as a bridge between you and the world.

Paper yarn gives this cool cylinder bag a cute, vertically long cylindrical shape.

Hand-knitted cylinder bag made from paper yarn
It has a minimal size that is easy to incorporate into early summer outfits.

Available in three colors: natural summer colors and sophisticated nuanced colors.

Paper yarn has excellent sweat absorption and moisture regulating properties, is smooth and comfortable to the touch, making it comfortable even in hot seasons, and is durable, making it highly recommended.

The fabric used in Enerquam bags is 100% hand-knitted by women in Nepal.
This item allows you to experience the careful handiwork of Nepalese women.

Easy to use size and wide base for convenient storage
This one item will make your summer outings light and fun.

Comes with an inner pocket measuring approximately 10 x 10 cm

The bottom is stylish with black cotton fabric.

Handles long enough to be worn over the shoulder

It is possible to store long items such as 500ml bottles, small folding umbrellas, and long wallets upright.

You don't have to worry about the weight of the bag, as it's thin and light, so it's recommended for those who want to quickly pack up their belongings and go out.

The rounded bottom means it can stand on its own. It's so cute it's perfect for interior decoration.

The phrase "Après la pluie le beau temps" written on the tag of this season's series is French for "There is no rain that never stops."

Even when things don't go well, the book is filled with the French esprit that makes you think, "It's okay, it's okay," as you encourage yourself and are encouraged by others, making you think, "Life is fun after all!"

Perfect for when you want to casually incorporate cool summer materials into your outfit.
It's minimal and convenient to take with you when you go out.

Nepalese women who make ENA KUAM products

These bags are 100% handmade by Nepalese women, so you can feel the warmth of something handmade.

These bags are made in a rural area in a slightly poor country somewhere in the world.
Although the language and culture are different, what is at the root of it all is "love."
Please enjoy these bags, each one created with love and born from the cheerfulness of these women!

Material, processing, and size

material Body: Unclassified fiber (paper)/paper yarn Bottom and handle: Cotton
size [Body] Width approx. 25cm x Height approx. 22cm x Bottom approx. 18cm
[Handle] Length approx. 50cm x Width approx. 4cm
[Inner pocket] Approx. 10cm wide x 10cm long
[Weight] Approx. 190g

*There may be slight individual differences in size and weight.
Color Natural, light yellow, blue gray

Precautions before purchase and when using

Since the number of products produced is limited, if there are multiple orders, we may not be able to deliver the product because it is sold out. If you have any questions about the stock situation or arrival time, please feel free to contact us.

Please note that as these are handmade items, there may be individual differences in shape and color.

Dark colored items may transfer color to clothing due to friction. Also, they are vulnerable to rain and sweat, so if they get wet, please allow them to dry naturally. If they are used while wet, the color may fade or transfer. We recommend storing them in a well-ventilated place.

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