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ANNAK Python Leather Garcon Long Wallet Ivory [AK14TA-B0039P-IVO] Men's Women's

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About 2 weeks (depending on availability)

In Moto-Asakusa, Tokyo, where many factories such as leather goods and metal processing are crowded, original leather brand "ANNAK" sent by Mitake Sangyo, a long-established factory.

Founded in 1925, Mitake Sangyo initially produced smoke pipes, but after the war, they shifted to making leather belts and other items in line with lifestyle changes. In 2000, the brand name "Kanna" was launched, and in 2004, the brand name was changed to "ANNAK", reading "KANNA" backwards.

Hand-stitched, hand-dyed, hand-polished, and hand-worked, we develop hand-crafted craftsmanship. It achieves warmth and quality that cannot be achieved with mass-produced products.

ANNAK's original washing process has been applied to develop leather items with a unique presence. Leather items that incorporate a sense of trend can be matched with a wide range of styles.

The Garson wallet is attractive for its ease of use and large capacity.
Introducing a python leather type with a luxurious atmosphere.

One piece of seamless leather enhances the sense of luxury.

You can feel the real texture of diamond python, not embossed.

When you hear the word “snakeskin,” you might think of it as a wild and flashy image, but this wallet is made of plain diamond python leather with a matte finish.
Diamond python (python) leather is characterized by black diamond-like mottling, but it is finished in a plain and natural one that makes use of only the scale pattern.

Python leather is very light, soft, and has a gentle touch. The diamond python has a large distribution volume and is considered to be the most expensive and beautiful of the pythons.

Compared to cowhide and crocodile leather, it is very thin, easy to process, stretchy, and has excellent durability. Some people feel that the scales are likely to come off, but the scales are flimsy, which is proof that they are real snakeskin.

Another feature of python leather is that you can feel the changes over time. The oil on your hands will be absorbed, and the luster will gradually increase, and the color will become deeper. Since it has a matte finish, you can use it for a long time while enjoying its aging. It is a leather that grows beautifully by stroking it gently with your hands as if you are admiring it while adjusting the flow of the scales.

It has a unique appearance that is different from other leather materials, making it even more attractive.

Coin pocket x 1, zipper pocket x 1

Free pocket x 2, card pocket x 19
Garson type with excellent storage capacity and functionality, easy to use and popular.

Tochigi leather is used for the inner.

The biggest feature is the coin space that opens wide. If you open it quickly, you can see the coin you want at a glance.

The free pocket can also hold bills and passbooks.

19 cards can be stored. The rooms are separated, so you can sort them according to the purpose.
The three-tiered pocket in the middle is wide, so you can store business cards that are wider than credit cards.
* The card slot is designed to be tight on the premise that it will fit well. *

Zipper pocket with gusset on one side. The fringe attached to the handle is an accent.
Uses YKK zippers for smooth opening and closing.

The button is in two steps so that it is easy to close even if it bulges out with the contents inside.
Buttons made by Prim in Italy are used.

The edge (cut part) is also smooth and carefully finished.

The Garson long wallet has been popular for many years for its outstanding storage capacity and ease of use.
This wallet is designed to be used by a garson (waiter), and you can see the money the moment you open it, making it a very convenient structure for cash register accounting. In addition, there is also a pocket with a zipper for those who want to securely store coins or sort cards.

There are 2 large pockets that can hold bills, and the height that can hold a passbook is a nice point.
19 card slots on 3 sides. Recommended for those who want to manage both cards and cash all at once.

Tochigi leather is used for the inner, making it a luxurious specification. The inside of the coin pocket is also made of leather, so you don't have to worry about tearing the lining, which is the most common problem when repairing wallets.

Focusing on good visibility and luxury, it is an item that makes you feel comfortable every day and makes you happy just by holding it.

A simple design that can be used by both men and women.
The beautiful appearance and rarity that "genuine" gives is a status symbol for those who own it.

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Also great as a gift for someone special

Python leather is one of the most popular exotic leather wallets. Snakeskin has been popular since ancient times as a lucky charm that brings good fortune and good fortune. This leather is bleached white, so it seems to have auspicious power as a white snake.

The fine scales and matte finish create an elegant atmosphere.
The shape and size of the scales are not the same as one, making it a unique existence for those who hold it in their hands.

A wallet that you won't want to part with because of its ease of use and beautiful aging. By finishing with all leather, you can continue to use it for a long time, and you can enjoy the original aging by growing the leather.

Not only for yourself, but also recommended as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, White Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, retirement celebrations, etc.

ANNAK Garson series

Also available in ladylike red.
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Tochigi leather type is here.
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How about using it as a pair with your spouse or couple?


Material/processing Surface: Diamond python (matte finish)
Inside: Tochigi leather (tannin tanned)
Size/Weight Length: Approximately 10.5 cm Width: Approximately 19 cm Thickness: Approximately 3.5 cm (maximum thickness including cover)
Weight: about 220g
*Because it is a natural material, there may be slight individual differences.
storage Free (bills) pocket x 2
Card slot x 19
Coin pocket x 1
Fastener pocket x 1

Precautions when purchasing

We are working hard to secure stock, but it may take about a month to a month and a half for production and arrival when out of stock. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as stock status or arrival time.

The surface of the leather may have animal-specific ecological scars, wrinkles, or moles. Also, even if the same dye is used, there will be individual differences in color. Please understand and acknowledge this as a characteristic of natural leather and each individuality.

The card slot is designed to be tight on the assumption that it will fit in. At the beginning of use, it is difficult to insert a card, but as you use it, the leather gradually softens and becomes easier to insert.

The leather material is vulnerable to rain and sweat, so if it gets wet, please allow it to dry naturally. If the product is used in a wet state, the color may fade or transfer. We recommend storing in a well-ventilated place.

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