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aoneco micro pouch [an020] waji's protective cat project, which deals with leather goods, genuine leather coin purse, accessory case, cat, cute, beige, brown, green, black

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$30.55 - $30.55
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Ships in 1-5 business days (depending on availability)

Established in January 2016, "waji Co., Ltd." is a group of professional craftsmen, from veteran craftsmen to young designers.

The new brand “aoneco” created by Mr. Kanno, the representative, is a protected cat project with the concept of “May all cats sleep with plenty of gaps.”

A 10% donation is included in the product, and it is a system that allows customers to make a simple donation procedure.

We do not allow products that feel cheap, which are often found in charity products, and the creators have pride and love for cats, and they are making things that are particular about them. All aoneco products are made in Japan. It is carefully made one by one by the hands of craftsmen.

A small and cute micro size is now available in the popular Gamaguchi series.
While taking care of the roundness of the clasp, casually add a cat element


blue green

mahogany brown

charcoal gray

Random embossing expresses the fluffy coat of a cat

Original leather exclusively for aoneco, jointly developed by waji and a leather maker for high brands.

Chrome-tanned Himeji leather (cowhide) is used for the leather, and it is tailored to a soft leather that fits comfortably in your hand.

In addition, the embossed design is conscious of the fur of the cat, and the random lines that do not have the same design create a special and stylish atmosphere.

In order to create a deep color, dyes are used instead of pigments to create an uneven and dignified look.

The raw leather that forms the base of the leather is 100% made from meat by-products, making it an environmentally friendly leather.

Not only for coins, but also for organizing small items that are easy to lose.
The deep metal clasp makes it easy to take out the contents.

The interior has a two-chamber design with one pocket.

For managing small keys such as bicycle keys and mailbox keys

Comes with a convenient ball chain

Comes with a cat charm made of tanned leather.

You can also put things that are easy to lose such as household medicines, amulets, earrings and hair accessories ◎

Cologne and cute petite size that fits in the palm of your hand

The metal fittings on the clasp are deep and open all the way to the back, making it easy to take out coins.

The antique colors are suitable for adults, and the atmosphere of the original leather enhances the high quality feel.
It is an item that has been particular about everything such as easy-to-use materials, durability, and design.

It is also recommended for men to use cat items as accessories.

Not only for yourself, but also for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, Christmas, Mother's Day, or as a gift for cat lovers.

About donation coupons

Since the donation amount is included in the product price, customers can support the rescue cats just by completing the procedure.

How to donate is very simple.

1. Read the QR code attached to the product tag with the smartphone camera and move to the donation page

2. Select a support destination, enter the coupon code written on the product tag, and click Send.

This is all you need to do♪


Material/processing Himeji leather (cowhide) / chrome tanning, embossing processing Interior: cotton linen blend fabric
size [Body] Length: Maximum about 7.5 cm x Width: Maximum about 8.5 cm x Thickness: about 2.5 cm
[Storage range] Length: Maximum 5.5 cm x Width: Maximum about 4 cm
*Because it is handmade, there are some individual differences.
Color Greige Blue Green Mahogany Brown Charcoal Gray

Precautions when ordering and handling

Even if it is dyed with the same dye, there will be individual differences in color.
Please be aware that this is a characteristic of natural leather and that each product has its own individuality before purchasing.

Some items may be out of stock depending on the timing of your order. In that case , it may take up to 2 months to deliver. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about stock status or arrival time.

Since genuine leather is used, there may be some scratches, peeling, streaks, color unevenness, and color differences from the product image. Please note that this is a unique characteristic of natural materials.

Please note that the color may transfer due to friction or getting wet with water.

Avoid storing in places with high temperatures and humidity and direct sunlight. If it gets wet, remove the moisture with a soft cloth and dry it in the shade. Please avoid washing with water or hot water.

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