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graphzero (graph zero) 1st Great War model denim jacket right twill 16oz selvage denim men's women's unisex [GZ-GJ1ST-0310]

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Graphzero's denim jacket is full of vintage feeling using "grey denim" woven with an old-fashioned power loom.

We use graphzero's original 16 oz selvedge denim with right twill, which is not only dyed from the material, but also has been carefully selected for the fine settings of the loom.

The design source is the 1940s "Great War model". Retaining the earthiness after World War II, it expresses a silhouette that is irresistible for vintage lovers. The thickness and tension of the thread at each point are also meticulously sewn.

While the silhouette is conscious of vintage denim jackets, the size range is from 34 inches to 48 inches, making it a slightly loose size.

Graphzero's original selvedge denim, slowly woven with low tension, has two lines of orange selvedge.

In addition to the profound and tasteful expression unique to 16 oz selvedge denim, the extra-thick soft leather patch and original iron buttons are also included. The orange graphzero piss name is also one point.

Above all, this right twill has a vintage-like stiff feel and a unique texture of fuzzy gray denim, and it fits your body every time you wear it. The familiar feeling is irresistible.

Graphzero's original right twill denim allows you to enjoy the faint spots that are typical of vintage denim. The more you wear it, the more you will experience the deep color fading.

・Because it is raw denim (denim fabric that has not undergone preshrunk treatment, singeing, etc., as it is woven), there are individual differences.
・Please refrain from tumble drying.
・The size becomes the average value.
・The photo is an image image.
・Individual differences in color and pattern may occur depending on the photo and fabric. please note that.
Model wears size 169cm/65kg/40 Material: 100% cotton
One washed

■ Size chart (unit is cm)
34 size: Length 56 Width 49.5 Shoulder width 41 Sleeve length 57.5 cm
36 size: Length 57.5 Width 52 Shoulder width 42 Sleeve length 59 cm
38 size: Length 59 Width 54 Shoulder width 43 Sleeve length 61 cm
40 size: Length 61.5 Width 56 Shoulder width 44 Sleeve length 62 cm
42 size: Length 63.5 Width 57 Shoulder width 46 Sleeve length 63.5 cm
44 size: Length 64 Width 58 Shoulder width 47 Sleeve length 64 cm
46 size: Length 67 Width 61.5 Shoulder width 48.5 Sleeve length 65 cm
48 size: Length 69 Width 63 Shoulder width 50 Sleeve length 66 cm

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