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226 (Tsutsumu) Layered Style Show Haramaki L Size Organic Cotton [ON-03-22008-13] Women's Men's

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“226” (Tsutsumu) is a brand that happily wraps various things in knits based on the concept of “wrapping people and their lives in knits for a comfortable and humorous everyday life”.

"226" is produced by Saifuku, who has been refining his knitting techniques and ideas as a specialized knit manufacturer since 1963 in Gosen City, Niigata Prefecture, which is one of Japan's largest knitting industry clusters.

The “226” items, which are made using various knitting patterns and techniques, facing the yarn and the knitting machine, wrap your precious body such as limbs, stomach, and neck in a fun way.

This is the haramaki that wraps around your stomach.
Thin organic cotton type that can be used all year round.

As a false hem, you can wear it in layers to create a stylish "showing Haramaki"
It is a large size L and is recommended for men with a good physique.

The front and back slits make your back look neat.

The stretchy waist makes it comfortable to wear without being too tight. It is also recommended as a maternity bellyband.

96% cotton for just the right amount of warmth.

We are particular about the thread and use softly twisted organic cotton.
By making it loosely twisted, there is a gap where air can enter between the twisted threads, making the feel and texture fluffy and soft, giving it a warm feeling.
Recommended for those who are concerned about the cold all year round, such as cooling in the summer, sleeping cold at night, and preventing temperature differences in spring and autumn.

Uses stretch thread that stretches very well and is comfortable to wear without constricting.
The waist extends up to 120 cm, so it can be used comfortably by maternity women and men with good physiques.

The thickness is adjusted by changing the number of threads in the hem and stomach. The hem is a low-gauge ribbed knit that gives it a plump thickness and warmth, and the stomach part is a high-gauge and thinly woven so that you don't look bulky. Since it fits along the stomach, it is difficult for the cloth to accumulate at the waist.

Another great point is that you can easily put it in the laundry net and wash it in the washing machine.

It doesn't look bulky and covers your buttocks.
With a fashionable slit, it is comfortable and does not roll up even when you move.

Accented with a glimpse of color Model height: 170cm

Compatibility with short tops ◎

Haramaki is stiff and bulky inside, but by putting it out, you can make your stomach look neat.
It is a showy haramaki that can be used as a countermeasure against the cold while enjoying fashion.

The slits on the sides create a sense of fashion that does not look like Haramaki. In addition, it is also devised so that it does not roll up when it moves.

By putting it out in a layered style, you don't have to tuck your bellyband inside when wearing tight jeans, or adjust the looseness when you go to the bathroom, so you don't have to stress.

Haramaki allows you to adjust the length to your liking by shifting it up and down. By sliding it down and covering your buttocks, you can casually cover your body shape and keep your buttocks warm.

Available in two basic colors that are easy to mix and match.

We have basic colors that are easy to match with various clothes.
How about using a pair as a couple?

Why don't you feel free to warm up with a belly band that you can enjoy as fashion instead of underwear?

Not only for yourself, but also recommended as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, White Day, Mother's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, 60th birthday celebration Christmas, etc.

We also offer different sizes.

There is also an M size that fits perfectly for women.
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Material/processing 96% cotton / 4% polyester
size Front length: about 40cm / back length: about 43cm
Waist mouth width: Approximately 25cm (up to 120cm)
Hem width: about 50.5cm
*There are some individual differences in size.
Color white dark navy

Precautions before purchase

We are making every effort to keep the stock in stock, but it may take about a month to produce and receive the item if it is out of stock. If you have to wait longer than that, we will inform you of the delivery date again.

You can put it in the net and wash it in the washing machine. Due to the characteristics of the material, it may shrink slightly. After washing, reshape and dry.

Please avoid tumble drying at home.

Use a pressing cloth when ironing.

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