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[5 colors] 226 (tsutsumu) Knit spray cover that wraps your life type A (A line) [SP-05-20001-00] Scandinavian interior new construction moving celebration

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“226” (Tsutsumu) is a brand that happily wraps various things in knits based on the concept of “wrapping people and their lives in knits for a comfortable and humorous everyday life”.

"226" is produced by Saifuku, who has been refining his knitting techniques and ideas as a specialized knit manufacturer since 1963 in Gosen City, Niigata Prefecture, which is one of Japan's largest knitting industry clusters.

The "226" items, which are made using various knitting patterns and techniques, face to face with threads and knitting machines, and wrap your daily life with fun ideas.

You can hide the flashy spray package and decorate it as it is
Introducing a knitted spray cover!

Available in 5 colors to match your interior

Fits spray bottles with various bottom shapes.

stretches well

fabric expansion

A knitted spray cover that can be used to cutely decorate the spray package, which tends to give off a feeling of everyday life.

The simple design makes it easy to match the atmosphere of various rooms, and the spray bottle that you don't want to show on the outside can be used as an interior display.

With a wide variety of colors, this item is fun to change according to the season.

Make the spray bottle you use every day cute and stylish.
You will be healed by the cable knit knit.

It fits tightly and is easy to grip

On top of a shelf or chest, it becomes one of the stylish ornaments.

Not only the spray, but also the flower base can be wrapped if the size matches.
Even if you decorate with a spray and set ◎

I'm worried that if I put deodorant sprays and disinfectant sprays that I want to use immediately in the entrance or living room, it will make me feel like I'm living...But it's a hassle to put them away every time...
It is highly recommended for such people.
Just put it on your spray bottle and it will look like an art object.

It is also recommended as a small gift that does not bother the other party.

Not only for yourself, but also recommended as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, White Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, Christmas, etc.

Mounting procedure

1. Open the bottom mouth of the cover and cover it from the spray head.

2. Pass the handle of the spray first. (Be careful not to get caught on the handle.)

3. Slowly slide down the whole and adjust the shape.

Two types are available according to the shape of the spray bottle.

Tap the image to go to the link page.


Material/processing Acrylic 85% / Wool 15%
size Height: Approximately 18 cm (when not installed)
Width: Approximately 8.5cm (when not installed)
Weight: about 20g
Spray body reference size Approximately 13cm in height, approximately 9cm in width, maximum girth approximately 25cm
Please use the above size bottle size as a guide.
If it is too big, it may not fit.
Color off-white beige sax gray mint

Precautions before purchase

We are making every effort to keep the stock in stock, but it may take about a month to produce and receive the item if it is out of stock. If you have to wait longer than that, we will inform you of the delivery date again.

You can wash it in your home washing machine. Due to the characteristics of the material, it may shrink slightly, so please adjust the shape and dry after washing.

Do not place near fire.

Due to the characteristics of the material and structure, hooks may occur. Avoid contact with strong friction or rough objects.

If you have a pill, don't pull it forcibly and cut it with scissors or pill remover so that you won't notice the knitted fabric.

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