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SEED Female painter Fumiko Sugita Hand-painted Japanese pattern T-shirt short sleeve frost gray bamboo and sparrow mouse color dip dyed men's and women's [SE-TS3B-BD001]

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SEED Female Artist Fumiko Sugita Hand-painted Japanese Pattern T-shirt Short Sleeve Frost Gray Bamboo and Sparrow Mouse Color Dip Dye Men's Women's [SE-TS3B-BD001]

The dark and light shades of the dip-dyeing and the hand-painted colors that make you think of an ink painting create a chic atmosphere.

In contrast to the chic colors, the hand-painted bamboo forest and sparrows are like the old tale "Tongue-Kiri Sparrow"... This design makes you feel warm just by wearing it. The sparrow, a familiar and cute animal, is very adorable and friendly. ♪

In addition, bamboo is straight and hard, and the inside is not hidden by the sky.

It can be paired with denim or casual pants, and the monotone design makes it easy to match with black bottoms for a chic look!

Please enjoy adult casual coordination with a chic hand-painted T-shirt ♪

A sparrow that chirps anytime, anywhere all year round is a familiar little bird. The figure that is not afraid of people is adorable, and it has been seen as a pattern since the Heian period.

There are various designs, such as a sparrow that combines bamboo and a sparrow to create a round design, or a sparrow that flies around in the autumn grass. As can be seen in the fairy tale "Tongue-cut Sparrow", whose theme is to return the favor of animals, sparrows are deeply connected to people's lives. It can be said that sparrow patterns are characteristic of each season, such as baby sparrows in spring, sparrows pecking at ears of rice, and sparrows puffing up their feathers in the cold of winter.
In addition, the puffy sparrow was designed with a unique shape as "Fukura sparrow" because it was considered to be a good performance with the phonetic equivalent of "Fukura mu".

Wearing example (before)



Wearing example (after)

Bamboo and sparrow hand-drawn up
The model's height is 164 cm. I am wearing a size 160.
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Size chart
We recommend that you check the size of your T-shirt before ordering. T-shirt・Each part name

Notes on ordering and handling
Depending on the size, our store and SEED may not have it in stock. In that case, it will take about 2-3 weeks to produce the product. If the delivery date is delayed, we will contact you by email.
Please note that each item is hand-painted, so the balance between the T-shirt and the pattern may vary slightly depending on the size and product.
Item Number SE-TS3B-BD001
Material/processing 100% cotton
Bamboo and sparrow hand-painted dip dyeing
size 140, 150, 160, S, M, L, XL
(Both ladies and men are available)

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