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SEED Female Artist Fumiko Sugita Hand-painted Japanese Pattern T-shirt White Crimson Dyeing Rabbit and Pine Mens Womens [SE-TS4B-AN002]

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SEED Female Painter Fumiko Sugita Hand-Drawn Japanese Pattern T-shirt White Middle Red Dyeing Rabbit and Pine Men's Women's

The white background is boldly dyed in mid-red color, and a cute rabbit and pine tree are drawn on it!

The round dip dyeing is like a full moon...
A rabbit is drawn there, and it makes me nostalgic when I was a child and thought that a rabbit lived on the moon...

You can not only wear it with jeans for a casual look, but you can also wear it with a skirt for a girlish look, or pair it with khaki or brown bottoms for an autumnal look.

Rediscover the fun of Japanese design with this cute Japanese rabbit T-shirt!

[Rabbit sentence]
When I was a child, I heard that rabbits live on the moon, but this legend originated in China. It is said that a rabbit that continues to pierce the elixir of immortality and a toad live on the moon. It is also seen in patterns such as Kokutani and Imari pottery patterns and Kyogen costumes.

Matsubun has a wide variety of patterns in Japanese paintings, kimonos, and vessels. Various designs have been developed with motifs such as pine branches and leaves, whole trees, and pine needles. Pine is an evergreen tree that stays green throughout the four seasons. Some trees in Japan are said to be over 1,000 years old, and are also considered sacred trees. After the middle of the Heian period, the custom of decorating "Kadomatsu" as a yorishiro of the gods was born. In addition, as the word "pine, bamboo and plum" appears, it is considered to be a representative of auspicious patterns. Pine, bamboo and plum originate from China. In China, pine, bamboo, and plum are known as the "three friends of cold weather" because they stand up to the cold with dignity, and are symbols of sobriety and integrity. In Japan, it occupies an important position as an element that constitutes auspicious symbols, such as the pine, bamboo, and plum pattern, the Horai mountain pattern, and the “pine-eating crane,” which combines cranes and pine trees.

Wearing example (before)


rabbit and pine hand drawing

Wearing example (after)

back style logo
The model's height is 163 cm. I am wearing a size 150.
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Size chart
We recommend that you check the size of your T-shirt before ordering. T-shirt・Each part name

Notes on ordering and handling
Depending on the size, our store and SEED may not have it in stock. In that case, it will take about 2-3 weeks to produce the product. If the delivery date is delayed, we will contact you by email.
Please note that each item is hand-painted, so the balance between the T-shirt and the pattern may vary slightly depending on the size and product.
Item Number SE-TS4B-AN002
Material/processing 100% cotton Hand-painted rabbit and pine tree
Mid-red dip dye
size 140, 150, 160, S, M, L, XL
(Both ladies and men are available)

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