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SEED Female Artist Fumiko Sugita Hand-painted Japanese Pattern T-shirt Short Sleeve Frost Gray Plum and Bird Mouse Color Dyeing Men's Women's [SE-TS3B-BD002]

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SEED Female Painter Fumiko Sugita Hand-painted Japanese Pattern T-shirt Short Sleeve Frost Gray Plum and Bird Mouse Color Dip Dyed Men's Women's

The dark and light shades of the dip-dyeing and the hand-painted colors that make you think of an ink painting create a chic atmosphere.

In contrast to the chic color scheme, the lovely scent of plum blossoms and the happy chirping of two birds are warm and lovely hand-painted drawings that make you feel as if you could still hear them. The expression of the bird is very cute, and the friendliness grows♪
In addition, bamboo grass, which has been used in many patterns as a proof of serenity, is drawn because it is always green and grows in clusters, which is an auspicious design!
The red color is added to the plum and bird, creating a three-dimensional effect and a deep finish.

It can be paired with denim or casual pants, and the monotone design makes it easy to match with black bottoms for a chic look!

Please enjoy adult casual coordination with a chic hand-painted T-shirt ♪

[Umemon / Birds and Plants]
Among the traditional Japanese patterns with plant motifs, the plum pattern has been the most popular among Japanese people.
Plum blossoms were brought to Japan from China during the Nara period (710-794), and their loveliness, unique branching and fragrance have been mentioned in many poems such as Manyoshu. In addition, there are many legends and tales related to plums all over Japan.
Patterns are used in a variety of ways, such as picture scrolls, paintings, kimonos, vessels, and architectural decorations. Among them, Edo period artist Korin Ogata's "Red and White Plum Blossoms Screen" (MOA Museum collection) is famous.
The types of plum patterns include the edaume pattern, which expresses plum blossoms, buds, and branches in a relatively realistic manner, and the plum bowl pattern, which expresses plum blossoms by arranging five circles in a circle. Umebachimon), Nejiumemon, in which multiple circles are superimposed to resemble flower petals, and Korinbai, which is based on Ogata Korin's plum painting.

In addition, the bird pattern is often depicted as a seasonal plant, showing that for us, who are an agricultural people and have lived with the changing seasons, it was a familiar landscape. In addition to birds, small animals such as cranes, turtles, insects and fish are drawn as patterns.

Wearing example (before)



Wearing example (after)

Plum and bird hand-drawn up
The model's height is 164 cm. I am wearing a size 160.
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Size chart
We recommend that you check the size of your T-shirt before ordering. T-shirt・Each part name

Notes on ordering and handling
Depending on the size, our store and SEED may not have it in stock. In that case, it will take about 2-3 weeks to produce the product. If the delivery date is delayed, we will contact you by email.
Please note that each item is hand-painted, so the balance between the T-shirt and the pattern may vary slightly depending on the size and product.
Item Number SE-TS3B-BD002
Material/processing 100% cotton
Plum and bird hand-painted dip dyeing
size 140, 150, 160, S, M, L, XL
(Both ladies and men are available)

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