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SOMETARY Czech Army Raindrop Camo Field Coat Yaguruma Tsushi Dyed Sea Pine Color Men's [SO-FCT01-MIRU]

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An original project [SOMETARY] with a craft cafe and Somer Kobo Takeo Nakaie.

This is a project to re-dye dead stock military wear that has been left unused overseas with natural dyes such as indigo and madder to create items with new appeal.

After working as a designer at a shipbuilding company, Mr. Takeo Nakaya of Someru Kobo learned dyeing techniques using natural dyes at a natural dyeing workshop in Kyoto, Tesomemeya , and became independent in Kyoto.

“Sometali” started when Mr. Nakaya experimentally dyed dead stock military items that were sleeping at a craft cafe.

Military wear with a rugged image is also dyed in layers with vegetable dyes, giving it a color that naturally blends into everyday life. In addition, in the process of plant dyeing, a moderate vintage feeling is added, and it changes to a tasteful expression.

Born from the idea of ​​“vegetable dyeing x military”, “SOMETALI” has an atmosphere that can be enjoyed not only by those who like military fashion, but also by men and women.

"Sometali", "Tameshitari", "Tsukuttari"... We will deliver items that you can meet new discoveries born through trial and error with natural dyes.

Military wear featuring a camouflage pattern that looks like rain.
The bright green and muted colors make it easy to mix and match.



The real thing released by the Czech military (new) has been reborn as a new fashion item by hand dyeing by craftsmen!

The original fabric was light green and had a strong military feel with the raindrop pattern, but it became a simpler taste by finishing it in a darker tone with Yaguruma Tsushi dyeing.

For the Czech army, the spotted frogskin camouflage is first applied to the fabric, and then the rain pattern is added from above. Therefore, the pattern of the sphere emerges slightly from the bottom. You can see the difference in the pattern when you look at it from the inside. The contrast is kept low by dyeing.

Many military field coats are gimmicks and have excellent performance. Among the various camouflage patterns, it is not a large pattern, so I think it is a pattern that is relatively easy to incorporate.

The length is not too long and is recommended for loose coordination.

Model is 181cm (male) and wears size M


You can create a different silhouette by fastening the front or fastening the buttons on the cuffs.

It goes well with rough pants such as cargo pants, but since it is a voluminous coat, we recommend pairing it with straight pants or dress shoes for a sharp look.

A feeling of size that does not get bulky even when layered with a sweater during the chilly season. You can wear it from autumn to early spring by changing the inner layer.

Sturdy cotton fabric. Also pay attention to the specifications unique to military use that can be seen in various places

There is a chin strap on the back of the collar, and you can also fix the collar up.
Also for a little cold protection in winter. The epaulet on the shoulder is also a point.

Buttons other than the top button are hiyoku buttons, giving it a minimalist impression.
A loop holder is attached to the right chest.

Elbow patches are stretched on the elbows to protect the fabric from friction.

There is one flap pocket on the back right hip and two flap pockets on the front. Both have buttons.

The fabric feels firm and firm, but it doesn't feel that heavy.

You can enjoy the dyed colors while feeling the goodness of the vintage.

It's simple, so it's an item that can be used not only for casual outfits, but also for neat looks.

This item is highly recommended for those who like American casual, vintage, military, and work styles.

Not only for yourself, but also recommended as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, Christmas, etc.

It takes several days from the start of dyeing to the finish, repeating the process of burning the dye plants, dyeing, mordant, and leaving.

Yashabushi fruit Yashabushi has been used as a raw material for dyeing since ancient times. It can be dyed black, gray or brown.

Mr. Nakaya boiling the dye

Mr. Nakaya moved from Gifu to Kyoto with the aim of creating his own monozukuri, where he learned the art of dyeing at a natural dyeing studio, Tezomeya.


Material/processing 100% cotton / Yashabushizome dyeing
size M・L
Color Sea pine color (Miruiro/dark green)

As this is a dead stock product, there may be slight variations in size, length, and specifications depending on the lot.

Please understand the above points as the nature of military products.

*Please contact us in advance if you would like to check the size of the product you will receive.

Points to note when ordering

Due to the characteristics of military-released products (actual products), dead stock products may deteriorate over time. Please consider purchasing after acknowledging small scratches, some stains, wrinkles, etc.

There is some unevenness in the dyed color. We would appreciate it if you could understand it as one of the "flavors" of natural dyeing.

Please note that the color may transfer due to friction or getting wet with water.

When washing, we recommend washing separately. When storing, store in a dark place away from light to prevent fading due to light.

Please refrain from tumble drying.

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