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226 (Tsutsumu) Neck-hugging 2WAY Collar Organic Cotton [KU-03-21001-00] Ladies Niigata Prefecture Gosen City Gosen Knit Brand

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226 (Tsutsumu) is a brand that uses knits to wrap various things in a fun way, based on the concept of ``enveloping people and their daily lives with knitwear to make every day comfortable and full of humor.''

``226'' is produced by Saifuku, who has been working as a specialized knitwear manufacturer since 1963 in Gosen City, Niigata Prefecture, one of Japan's major knitting industry clusters, and has continued to hone his knitting techniques and ideas.

``226'' items are created by working with yarn and knitting machines and using a variety of knitting patterns and techniques, and wrap important parts of the body such as the limbs, stomach, and neck area in a fun way.

The collar is made of organic cotton material that functions as a neck warmer.It is thin and easy to use, and the stretch of the knit allows it to fit your neck.

Wide enough to warm up to the front collarbone area.

The back width is about shoulder width, making it easy to use for items with wide necklines such as boat necks.
The back part also has a good width and length.

The tag on the back is smaller than usual to prevent irritation.

Roll it up and make it compact. Convenient to carry.

This collar made of knit material is popular because it allows you to easily keep your neck warm at home.
A new organic cotton type is now available.

It is useful in seasons with temperature differences or when you are concerned about the air conditioner being too cold. Recommended for those who don't like the scratchy feel of wool in winter.

Even a slight warming effect on the neck improves blood circulation throughout the body and changes the perceived temperature. The width of the fabric not only in the front but also in the back reaches around the shoulder blades, so you can be warmed up.

It's thinner than layering innerwear, and doesn't bulk up, so you can maintain the silhouette of your tops and outerwear.
It's not bulky like a scarf or neck warmer, so if you keep it in your bag or pouch, you can use it quickly whether indoors or outdoors. The material is organic cotton from India. The ultimate sweet twist creates a moist and soft texture.

By changing the front and back, you can use it in two ways: turtleneck style or collared style.

Add a collar to a simple collarless shirt to create a ``neat look''

Turn it around to make it look like a turtleneck

Easy to use with basic design

Set with Haramaki cotton (size M) of the same color that hugs and shows off your tummy.

Because the emphasis is on warmth, the opening is reduced and it fits snugly around the neck.

Just by adding it to your casual clothes, you can achieve both warmth and neatness.
Even if you have a sudden web meeting, you can quickly put it on and change your look for a beautiful look. You can also use it with confidence to protect yourself from the cold while on the go.

Available in 3 highly versatile colors.
It accommodates a variety of necklines.

Available in 3 basic colors. It's simple enough to go with any outfit, so you can keep it in your bag and feel safe even when it gets cold.
It looks like it will be available in different colors to expand the range.

We recommend a crew neck, but by pairing it with a collared shirt and a turtleneck, the subtle color will create a mature look.

This is a useful item for all seasons, allowing you to easily stay warm while enjoying the layered look.

Recommended not only for yourself, but also as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, White Day, Mother's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, 60th birthday, Christmas, etc.

A wool type is also available.

The wool material makes it even warmer. For protection against the cold in autumn and winter


Material/processing 100% cotton (organic cotton from India)
size Length: 19cm / Shoulder width: 35cm / Collar length: 14cm
*As this item is woven with stretch yarn,
There may be slight individual differences in size
Color White, dark navy, French gray

Precautions before purchase and use

We make every effort to secure inventory, but if an item is out of stock, it may take approximately one month for production and arrival. If you have to wait longer than that, we will notify you of a new delivery date.

You can hand wash it at home, but due to the characteristics of the material, it may shrink slightly. After washing, please adjust the shape and dry.

Please avoid tumble drying at home.

If pilling occurs, do not pull it out by force, but cut it with scissors or a pill remover so that the knitted fabric does not become noticeable.

Please use a pressing cloth when ironing.

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