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SEED Female painter Fumiko Sugita Kata-dye & hand-painted Japanese pattern T-shirt long sleeve beige peony and bamboo men's and women's [SE-TL7B-KH002]

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SEED female artist Fumiko Sugita Kata-e dyeing & hand-painted Japanese pattern T-shirt
Long-sleeved Beige Peony and Bamboo for Men and Women

A special Japanese pattern T-shirt drawn by hand one by one by artist Fumiko Sugita!

≪Click the image to enlarge≫

The large peony and bamboo paintings drawn in an ink painting style are a piece with an impact!
The glittering gold color is used as an accent, so you can feel the gorgeousness even in its simplicity.
The base color of the T-shirt is beige with a hint of khaki, so it's easy to match with any kind of clothes in autumn and winter.

We hope that many people will enjoy the dignified Japanese atmosphere!

[Peony sentence]
The peony is native to China, but because of its gorgeous flowers, it has been called the "king of flowers" in China and has been a symbol of wealth. It seems that it was introduced to Japan in the Nara period, but it became popular in the Edo period when the cultivation of flowers itself was advanced, and it was used as the "King of patterns" on fusuma paintings, screens, folding screens, and tableware. It has been used as
There are many types of peony sentences themselves, and many crests are also used. From the pattern-like peonies that were designed in kimonos, to painting-like and sketchy expressions, which has led to the present.

Surface / wearing example
Back / wearing example
Enlargement of the pattern on the front and back
The model is 177cm tall and wears a size S <<Click the image to enlarge>>

You can enjoy not only casual coordination with denim, khaki pants and sneakers, but also mature coordination with dark colored denim such as black pants and one-wash denim!
A wide range of sizes are available for both women and men. Please try to dress stylishly in a stylish Japanese pattern ♪

Size chart
size Length Width
XS 58 42
S. 65 47
M. 70 52
L. 74 55
XL 77 60
(Unit: cm *There may be some errors in the size)

We recommend that you check the size of your T-shirt before ordering.

*Sleeves are ribless for all sizes
T-shirt・Each part name

Notes on ordering and handling
Depending on the size, our store and SEED may not have it in stock. In that case, it will take about 2-3 weeks to produce the product. If the delivery date is delayed, we will contact you by email.
Please note that each item is hand-painted, so the balance between the T-shirt and the pattern may vary slightly depending on the size and product.
Item Number SE-TL7B-KH002
Material/processing 100% cotton
Hand-painted goldfish and lotus (discharge printing)
size XS, S, M, L, XL
(Both ladies and men are available)

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